New work: Nino Munoz’s movie posters for Justin Timberlake thriller “In Time”

The saying “Time is money” takes on new resonance in the upcoming sci-fi thriller In Time. The movie, starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, “explores a world in which no one ages past 25, but time is purchased or earned,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. “So the rich live longer. Timberlake’s character, is a working-class […]

Michael Muller’s Comic-Con celebrity portraits

Yesterday was the final day of Comic-Con 2011, which ran from July 21 to 24 in San Diego, and as part of its massive coverage of the event, Entertainment Weekly set up a studio at the Hard Rock Hotel so Michael Muller could take portraits of the many celebrities in attendance. Michael, who previously shot celeb […]

New work: Jeff Lipsky shoots “Most Beautiful” makeup-free actresses for People

. For its annual “Most Beautiful” double issue this year, People magazine commissioned Jeff to photograph eight actresses who were wearing no makeup other than lip balm. In image-conscious Hollywood, that’s practically the same thing as revealing your real age and weight. As you can see from Jeff’s portraits, though, these talented women were in […]