This week’s highlights from other photo blogs

. At her eponymous blog, photographer Amy Stein wrote about “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sharing My Work Online.” Excerpt: “I fully support the proper attribution of images and have done so on my blog since day one. In the age of Google Image Search, there is absolutely no excuse for not […]

NYC gallery owners launch study center for fine-art photography

I was really excited to read Lisa Kereszi‘s post about The Exhibition Lab at Daylight Magazine‘s blog. The lab, which will offer classes, seminars, and portfolio reviews aimed at fine-art photographers, was established by Michael Foley of Foley Gallery and Sasha Wolf of Sasha Wolf Gallery. Here’s a bit more about it, courtesy of the […]

Why social media is your friend

Reading our Twitter feed this morning, I found a link to this post at the HubSpot Inbound Internet Marketing blog (there’s a mouthful) on how one artist is using social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc., to market herself and to stay abreast of her industry (fine art and illustration). It’s a quick read and, if […]