Join Art Streiber on May 3 in Los Angeles for the Canon Live Learning Event “Shaping Your Career: Perspectives From Three Decades of Professional Photography”

On May 3, Art Streiber will be joining fellow photographers Matt Sayles and Mark Leibowitz at the Canon Hollywood Professional Technology & Support Center for a panel discussion titled ““Shaping Your Career: Perspectives From Three Decades of Professional Photography.” It’s sure to be an illuminating event, as each of three photographers is at a different […]

Art Streiber on photographing the stars of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” for Wired’s 5-cover (or is it 15-cover?) April issue

Not only are the five stars of HBO’s hit original series Silicon Valley featured in Wired’s April cover story, “How to Succeed in Comedy (by Really, Really Trying),” each one of them has his own cover—and, in a meta twist, appears in a group shot of the cast that also appears on the cover, and […]

Images by Lauren Greenfield, Miller Mobley, and Art Streiber featured in American Photography’s latest competition

Congratulations to Lauren Greenfield, Miller Mobley, and Art Streiber, each whom are featured in American Photography‘s latest competition, American Photography 32. Lauren submitted images from a photo shoot for GQ at a booming Atlanta strip club. Miller sent a portrait of legendary singer-songwriter Judy Collins. And Art submitted a portrait of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. […]

Art Streiber photographs the cast of “Taxi,” 33 years after the Emmy-winning sitcom’s last episode

Art Streiber photographs music great Bonnie Raitt for Rolling Stone

  Read the article: “How Bonnie Raitt Overcame Loss for Her First LP of New Songs in a Decade”  

Art Streiber photographs Tom Hanks and Emma Watson for Esquire U.K.’s April cover story on “Women & Men”

  Read the story here: “Emma Watson Interviews Tom Hanks: On Films, Family, and Feminism”  

Art Streiber photographs actor Olivier Martinez for Icon magazine

Last fall, El País‘ Icon magazine commissioned Art Streiber to photograph the handsome French actor Oliver Martinez (best known stateside for his role in the Diane Lane movie Unfaithful) for the cover of its November issue. Below, some of our favorite portraits from the shoot.  

Art Streiber photographs legendary music producer Quincy Jones for Los Angeles magazine

Art Streiber photographs actor Norman Lloyd for Judd Apatow’s Vanity Fair essay on “the youngest 101-year-old in Hollywood”

Photographing acting legend Norman Lloyd (we’d list his credits, but there’s just not enough space) for Vanity Fair was “simply amazing,” says Art Streiber, who first shot Lloyd in 1998, for Vanity Fair, when the actor was 84. “We flew to New York, and I made his portrait in the crown of the Statue of […]

Behind the scenes of Art Streiber’s WWD cover shoot with Oscar winner Brie Larson

“Sometimes, daylight is all you need,” says Art Streiber, who photographed Brie Larson for the cover of WWD a few weeks ago. “It couldn’t have been more low-key: daylight, the hotel robe that was hanging in the closet, and an incredibly lovely, beautiful, and generous subject,” he says of the Room star, who won the […]


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