This Wednesday: Tune in to Doug Menuez’s online lecture on how he adapted his photo project “Fearless Genius” across multiple media platforms

The American Society of Media Photographers has asked Doug Menuez to share the success story behind his photo project “Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley 1985 to 2000,” which has been published as a monograph and curated as a traveling exhibition, and is being adapted for TV, the Web, a documentary, and education […]

Go beind the scenes of editorial photography with Art Streiber at his ASMP seminar on Wednesday in San Francisco

This Wednesday, October 22, at the Leica Store Gallery in San Francisco, Art Streiber will be talking about what it takes to produce editorial photographs for top magazines, from preproduction all the way through to post. The event, “The Big Picture: Editorial Photography Behind the Scenes,” is scheduled for 6 to 9:30 p.m. and is […]

Today at 1 PM EDT: Michael Bilbrey of Leo Burnett dicusses photographers’ self-promotion in ASMP webinar

. When it comes to self-promotion, photographers have many options at their disposal—blogs, social media, their websites, mailers, etc. But figuring out which methods to use and how best to leverage them can be vexing. Enter Michael Bilbrey, senior production consultant at Leo Burnett, who today at 1 PM EDT will be giving an ASMP-sponsored […]

Highlights from other photo blogs

. Feature Shoot spotlighted Mahesh Shantaram’s photos of “the colorful remains of over the top Indian weddings.” Excerpt: “I have been documenting wedding sets and little associated details at weddings because I find them to be fascinating metaphors of my country’s penchant for order and chaos; colour and noise; and the peculiar sense of taste […]

The ASMP surveys photogs who also shoot motion

. By 2012, 90% of Internet content transmitted will be motion video. —ASMP . By now, people in the industry have moved beyond whether photographers need to add video/film to their skill set—the consensus seems to be yes, and the sooner the better—and the conversation has turned to how one should go about it. “Secrets […]