Brinson+Banks on shooting bright, poppy lifestyle and still-life images and animated GIFs for Moet

Moët recently commissioned Brinson+Banks for a campaign encompassing stills and motion, all of it in the photo duo’s distinct colorful style. “We’ve done shoots for Moët’s social channels four times now since last winter. This latest one was shot in Palm Springs (in 118 degrees!), a Santa Monica photo studio, up in the mountains of Idyllwild, […]

Brinson+Banks on photographing comedian and actress Sarah Silverman for The New York Times

“We love photographing comedians, so we were both excited to meet Sarah,” say Brinson+Banks, who photographed Silverman for The New York Times. “We watched (and photographed) a rehearsal for her new show I Love You, America, which is hilarious, and we sat in on a writers meeting. It was interesting to watch how many brains […]

Take a peek inside Brinson+Banks’ “LA Woman” print promo

Los Angeles has always been an entertainment-industry hot spot, but in recent years it’s blossomed anew as the place to be for creative people of all inclinations, from writers, musicians, and artists to foodies and designers. And with their ongoing portrait series, “LA Woman,” Brinson+Banks have been shining a light on some of the city’s […]

Brinson+Banks on photographing Issa Rae, creator and star of HBO’s “Insecure,” for The Washington Post

Brinson+Banks photographed Issa Rae, whose second season of Insecure premiered on HBO this past Sunday, for The Washington Post at the London West Hollywood Hotel, where they recently shot Will Ferrell. “Oftentimes when we photograph actors, they’re in the middle of a super-long and super-busy day promoting their show or movie. Our job is to […]

Brinson+Banks photograph Matilda the Hun, Roxy Astor, and other original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling for The Washington Post

“We photographed these badass ladies at their homes all over Southern California,” say Brinson+Banks of their shoots with some of the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, the 1980s wrestling league that inspired the new Netflix series GLOW. Scroll down for some spirited behind-the-scenes content. Read the story here: “This ’80s female wrestling league was dangerous […]

Brinson+Banks on photographing Will Ferrell for The New York Times

In his new movie The House, Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler play a couple desperate to find a way to pay their daughter’s college tuition after her scholarship falls through. Their solution? Persuade their neighbor to start an illegal casino in his basement, of course. Brinson+Banks photographed Ferrell for the New York Times’ profile of […]

Brinson+Banks head to Georgia to shoot the cover of Atlanta magazine’s June issue

“This shoot was so fun because when we lived in Atlanta, we used to work for Atlanta magazine often,” says Brinson+Banks. “We love teaming up with photography director Caroline Kilgore.” Kendrick and David, who are based in Los Angeles, traveled to some of Georgia’s most gorgeous locations, including Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach, which is featured […]

Brinson+Banks talk to Time magazine’s Lightbox photo blog about how they use Instagram Stories

Have you tried Instagram Stories? Similar to Snapchat, Stories lets you post video and images, which you can embellish with text and other doodads, that disappear after 24 hours. Time magazine’s Lightbox blog recently featured six pro photographers who are successfully using Stories, and Brinson+Banks were among them. Click here or on the screenshot below […]

CNN Style commissions Brinson+Banks to shoot portraits of legendary photographer Douglas Kirkland and his wife, Francoise Kirkland, at their home in the Hollywood Hills

“What could be more pressure for a photographer,” say Brinson+Banks, “than to take portraits of a highly esteemed, highly talented photographer with a six-decade-long successful career? We were assigned by CNN Style to head to Douglas Kirkland‘s Hollywood Hills home to photograph him and his incredible wife and business partner, Francoise Kirkland.” The story, which […]

Time magazine features Brinson+Banks’ “LA Woman” portrait series

“Los Angeles is a hotbed of creativity and promise. But it can also feel isolated and unreceptive. For photographic duo Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks, their new project, ‘LA Woman,’ was an opportunity to showcase this wealth of female talent whilst connecting women within their community,” writes Alexandra Genova in her introduction to “The […]