Jan Steinhilber on lighting something that’s not there

. Jan Steinhilber recently shot a campaign for Porsche’s Black Edition series, the 911 and Boxster, for art directors Zoran Vasic and Julia Fuhl at Kemper Kommunication in Frankfurt, Germany. Interestingly, all of the concrete elements of the images (the cars and backgrounds) were done in CGI, while the arguably ephemeral one—the light—was photographed. I’ll […]

Using CGI to make “emotional” automotive images?

Lots of photographers use CGI to create scenarios that would otherwise be impossible to execute, but it’s usually because they’re under budget and time constraints or because they want to achieve something fantastical. John Offenbach, on the other hand, has been experimenting with using CGI to achieve an emotional special effect. I’ll let him explain: […]

The debate over CGI

The Creative Review has published a provocative article titled “The Traditional Studio Photographer Is About to Die,” on the increasing popularity of CGI and what it means for photographers. If you’re a commercial photographer and haven’t added CGI to your repertoire, you might want to read it. “We’re fast approaching the tipping point,” car photographer […]

Jim Fiscus’ photographic novella explores fashion and obsession

It’s amazing how far artists are willing to go to bring their ideas to life. For his latest personal project, “The Unfortunate Moment of Misunderstanding,” Jim Fiscus wanted to tell his dreamed-up tale of a wood carver who crafts life-size dolls of the same woman over and over again, each time meticulously creating a new […]