Dive deep into adventure, travel, sport, fitness, and more at Jorg Badura’s new website

Jorg Badura‘s new website, jorgbadura.com, offers a deep dive into all of Jorg’s specialties: adventure, travel, sport, fitness, landscapes, portraits, and the natural world. Besides comprehensive image galleries, there’s a complete film section where you can view short videos of everything from NYC Marathoners to a motorcycle ride in L.A. shot from Jorg’s POV on […]

Jorg Badura shoots “Private Patagonia” for Backpacker magazine

We’ve shown you some of the photographs that Jorg Badura shot for himself while on assignment in Patagonia (“Two Weeks in Chile With Jorg Badura”), and now we can present the images he made for that assignment. They appear in the January issue of Backpacker magazine, in a feature titled “Private Patagonia.” Here’s a look… […]

Two weeks in Chile with Jorg Badura

Jorg Badura was recently in Chile for two weeks on an assignment that was in practice and spirit an adventure. From camping in a tent on a boat and hiking for three days in the backcountry to horseback riding in Estancia Mercedes, traveling by Zodiac up the Serrano River, admiring the iceberg-dotted Glacier Geike Lake by […]