Matthias Clamer for Spiegelworld

What is Spiegelworld? This traveling circus defies precise categorization, but a combination of cabaret, burlesque, and big-top spectacular comes close to covering it. Since 2005, Spiegelworld have been commissioning Matthias Clamer to photograph promotional imagery for their shows—including this year’s event, Empire, which is being staged on Broadway. Robin Leach—if you’re of a certain age, […]

Rolph Gobits’ series “The Entertainers” to be exhibited in England

. Rolph Gobits‘ series “Entertainers” has been more than 20 years in the making, a circus-inspired collection of portraits of middle-aged clowns, knife throwers, ersatz cowboys, riders of tiny bicycles, accordion players, and masters of shadow puppetry. These are photos of people who live to put on a show and, despite their age, will pull […]

From Russia with clowns: Rolph Gobits’ circus performers

Rolph has an enduring fascination with performers of all kinds, whether they’re chic models and film stars or the painted-face, leotard-wearing members of the circus, so one of his ongoing personal projects is to make portraits of showpeople. Here are some highlights from the “Entertainers” gallery at his website: .   . This past May […]