Matthias Clamer shoots key art and publicity for season three of the FX comedy “Man Seeking Woman”

Matthias Clamer, who shot the key art for season one of Man Seeking Woman, was commissioned to shoot the key art and publicity images for season three of the FX comedy. “Each portrait depicts a scene from the show: digging a tunnel to your girlfriend’s bedroom but being deported by her flatmates, a classroom lesson […]

Matthias Clamer on shooting the key art for the hit FX series “The Americans,” starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys

“The Americans is a show about a Russian couple, played by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, who work as spies for the Soviet Union under the cover of leading perfectly average suburban lives in Virginia,” explains Matthias Clamer. “They are constantly close to being found out by an FBI agent, played by Noah Emmerich, or […]

Matthias Clamer shoots the “We Go Further” key art campaign for National Geographic’s “Explorer” series

Matthias Clamer shot the key art for National Geographic‘s Explorer, which delves into unusual and intriguing subjects such as the market for edible insects and electromagnetic sensitivity. “Explorer, which has been running for 26 years, has changed their format and has a new host: Richard Bacon. I shot eight executions, each relating to an actual […]

All day today: Matthias Clamer takes over Entertainment Weekly’s photo department Instagram feed

In honor of his cover portrait of Walking Dead villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Entertainment Weekly‘s photo department invited celebrity and entertainment photographer Matthias Clamer to take over its Instagram feed for the day. Matthias will be sharing some of his favorite portraits, as well as behind-the-scenes images. Follow the fun at @ewphotodept.  

Matthias Clamer photographs James Corden, the king of carpool karaoke, standing on a sunken Mercedes for the cover of Entertainment Weekly

Matthias Clamer on making a heat wave look like autumn for a recent FX publicity shoot

Matthias Clamer recently shot key art and publicity images for the critically acclaimed FX comedy series The League, but as is often the case, the weather in Southern California did not jibe with the chilly Midwestern concept for the imagery. “This shoot happened on a 103 Fahrenheit day on a field in the Valley, but […]

Matthias Clamer photographs Nicki Minaj with Kobe Bryant, Eminem with Calvin Johnson, Kendrick Lamar with Chris Paul, and more for ESPN The Magazine’s 2014 Music Issue

Last year, for its first-ever Music Issue, ESPN The Magazine asked Matthias Clamer to re-create famous album covers using sports stars in place of the musicians. And it was a big hit. So this year, with the bar set high, the magazine once again turned to Matthias. The theme for the 2014 Music Issue is […]

Matthias Clamer: “Creativity comes from a lot of hard work. The more you do it, the better you become”

Australian photography magazine Capture recently interviewed a select group of photographers—including Matthias Clamer—for a feature on “How to Tap Into Your Creative Genius.” “Mostly, creativity comes from a lot of hard work,” Matthias tells Capture. “Creativity is like anything else: The more you do it, the better you become.” He also discussed his research and […]

Matthias Clamer on photographing chart-topping electronic duo Daft Punk for Q magazine exclusive cover story

Daft Punk, whose album Random Access Memories debuted in May at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart, are a pair of French electronic musicians immediately identifiable by their shiny, face-obscuring helmets. Matthias Clamer photographed them for Q magazine’s exclusive interview with the duo, and his portraits—set on “the beach”—brilliantly capture Daft Punk’s sensibility: futuristic […]

Matthias Clamer re-creates classic album covers—from Beyoncé to Devo—with 14 pro athletes for ESPN The Magazine

ESPN The Magazine recently commissioned Matthias Clamer to collaborate on a portfolio for their Music Issue, on newsstands now, comprising a series of portraits re-creating classic album covers—by artists ranging from Beyoncé to Devo—using pro athletes. Talk about a fun assignment! To prepare, Matthias purchased a suitcase’s worth of books on iconic album art and brought […]