Matthias Clamer photographs Nicki Minaj with Kobe Bryant, Eminem with Calvin Johnson, Kendrick Lamar with Chris Paul, and more for ESPN The Magazine’s 2014 Music Issue

Last year, for its first-ever Music Issue, ESPN The Magazine asked Matthias Clamer to re-create famous album covers using sports stars in place of the musicians. And it was a big hit. So this year, with the bar set high, the magazine once again turned to Matthias. The theme for the 2014 Music Issue is […]

Image of the Day: Nicki Minaj by Matthew Rolston

. Trinidadian hip-hop star Nicki Minaj has otherwordly style—she has described herself as a Harajuku Barbie—a hot debut album (Pink Friday, which features appearances by Eminem,, Drake, and Kanye West), and a fanbase so ardent that Minaj often finds herself being asked to autograph their, uh, bosoms. Matthew Rolston recently captured the many faces […]