Michelle Gatton styles Häagen-Dazs’ latest campaign, currently plastered all over New York City

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Nigel Cox photographs a mouth-watering new campaign for Häagen-Dazs

Michelle Gatton styles holiday campaign for Häagen-Dazs

Food stylist Michelle Gatton collaborated with photo duo Gentl & Hyers on this clever new holiday campaign for Häagen-Dazs, created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco. . .

Nino Muñoz shoots Häagen-Dazs campaign with Bradley Cooper

Häagen-Dazs marks a first with its new campaign, using a celebrity to be the face of the brand—specifically, Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper. Nino Muñoz shot the print ads, which also feature model Jana Perez. Here’s a look… . . .