Entertainment campaigns photographed by Matthias Clamer, Jim Fiscus, and Michael Muller honored at the 2015 CLIO Key Art Awards

Campaigns by three Stockland Martel photographers were among the honorees at this year’s CLIO Key Art Awards. The hair-metal-themed ads for the FX comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, shot by Matthias Clamer, won a bronze, and the spine-chilling campaign for American Horror Story: Freak Show, also photographed by Matthias, took home a gold. The […]

Hair metal inspires Matthias Clamer’s latest “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” shoot

For last year’s season of the FXX hit It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Matthias Clamer channeled Swedish cinematic auteur Ingmar Bergman. This time out, he took his inspiration from…hair metal. Rock on. . .

Matthias Clamer channels Ingmar Bergman for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” photo shoot

Swedish director Ingmar Bergman was known for his “haunting black-and-white elegies on the nature of God and death” and films exploring the “existential terrors” that plague us (nicely put, Criterion Collection), so who better to inspire the key art and publicity images for a comedy series, right? Or, well… We’ll let Matthias Clamer, who channeled […]