Jan Steinhilber photographs Axel Budde, maker of bespoke Moto Guzzi motorcycles, for Ramp magazine

For the new issue of Ramp magazine, Jan Steinhilber photographed a 10-page story on Axel Budde, who is revered for his custom-made Moto Guzzi motorcycles. “Axel is used to cameras—he formerly worked as a rig operator on car shoots,” Jan explains. “But last year, he turned his hobby into a profession with his own custom […]

A motorcyle ride through the Angeles National Forest, as seen through the eyes of Jorg Badura

Before taking off on a motorcycle for a ride through the Angeles National Forest in California recently, Jorg Badura decided to attach a camera to himself to capture the experience. “I love the POV perspective a motorcycle gives you and decided to record it,” explains Jorg, who had just wrapped a shoot in L.A. and […]