PDN explores the making of Jim Fiscus’ stills-based motion piece for Motorola

In its February issue, PDN takes readers behind the scenes of the mysterious motion piece that Jim Fiscus recently created for Motorola‘s Droid Razr Maxx. We say mysterious because the piece has no moving parts but feels exactly like a motion spot. Learn how he and agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners pulled it off in […]

Jim Fiscus creates motion piece for Motorola that gets more than 1 million views on YouTube—even though no one in the piece actually moves

The term “parallax effect” describes the process of creating the appearance of motion using layers of imagery. It’s a complicated technique, but it makes for a spectacular viewing experience if you can pull it off. The parallax effect is what Jim Fiscus used to create a motion piece for Motorola that has racked up more […]

New work: Melanie Acevedo for Motorola

Motorola recently commissioned Melanie Acevedo to shoot a new ad campaign with a fun, young lifestyle feel, an assignment that collaborated on with design director Kristian Espinosa. Here’s a look… CREDITS Design director/Motorola: Kristian Espinosa Photographer: Melanie Acevedo Props/set: Beckett Cook/The Wall Group Fashion stylist: Sue Tsai/Celestine L.A. Hair: Christian Marc/Celestine L.A. Makeup: Annie Eng/Celestine […]