Surreal and “outrospective”: Nadav Kander photographs “The Art of Fashion” for Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus commissioned Nadav Kander to photograph this year’s highly anticipated “Art of Fashion” campaign, which is making its premiere in the September edition of the luxury retailer’s publication The Book. “Fashion design is an artistic expression of the designer, but ultimately it’s about the individual who wears the clothes,” Georgia Christensen, executive creative director […]

Nigel Cox photographs handbags for the August issue of Neiman Marcus’ “The Book”

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Angela Campos does the prop styling for that Neiman Marcus/Target TV commercial you’ve been seeing everywhere

Neiman Marcus and Target have joined forces to create a limited-edition holiday collection created by 24 CFDA designers—marquee names ranging from Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta to Diane von Furstenberg—and they have chosen supermodel Karlie Kloss to be the face of this exclusive collaboration.”With so many talented artists and designers involved, the Target […]

Spotlight: Matthew Rolston

Matthew Rolston has photographed just about every film, music, and television star working today. His approach to glamour, which embodies Hollywood’s past and its grand tradition of celebrity portraiture, has helped define the modern aesthetics of celebrity and beauty photography. Matthew’s career as a photographer and director had a most auspicious, and unusual, beginning: He […]