For a road-trip feature on autumn in Maine, Bloomberg Pursuits commissions Tobias Hutzler to shoot a Porsche Carrera 911 on scenic Mount Desert Island

Jan Steinhilber shoots the new 911 GT2 RS for Porsche

  client: Porsche agency: Kemper Kommunikation art buyer: Doreen Buechin art director: Joseph Rakosi producer: Cape Town Productions retoucher: Stefan Eisele / NPixo    

Jan Steinhilber photographs the Porsche 911 GTS with New Zealand’s rugged South Island as a thrilling backdrop

  credits agency: Kemper Kommunikation art director: Joseph Rakosi art buyer: Doreen Büchin producer: Amanda Jenkins @ AJFilms, New Zealand retouching and CGI: Zerone

Jan Steinhilber photographs the Porsche 911 Black Edition

  credits agency: Kemper Kommunikation art buying: Doreen Buechin art direction: Tim Bruchmueller

Jan Steinhilber shoots the Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS sports coupe in action

  Shot in Spain with Local Hero Productions, Frankfurt/Barcelona. agency: Kemper Kommunikation creative director: Patrick Falter art buyer: Doreen Büchin

Jan Steinhilber photographs the ultra-exclusive Porsche Panamera

Porsche is hailing its new Panamera series, which boasts handcrafted details, as the most luxurious ever. It’s also the most exclusive: Only 100 cars have been produced worldwide. To promote this limited-edition work of automotive art, Kemper Kommunikation commissioned Jan Steinhilber to photograph the Panamera and to capture the hands-on craftsmanship that went into creating […]

Jan Steinhilber shoots the limited-edition Porsche 911 for the car’s 50th anniversary

The Porsche 911, which made its debut in 1963, marks its 50th anniversary this year, a milestone that Porsche has commemorated by producing 1,963 anniversary models. To promote this limited edition, the venerable automaker commissioned Jan Steinhilber to photograph the new versions next to the original. The agency was Kemper Kommunikation, and the art director […]

Lovely outtakes from Tobias Hutzler’s shoot at Porsche’s Stuttgart warehouse

Sometimes a photographer and a story really connect, and the photographer is inspired to continue exploring his subject even though he knows he’s got the agreed-upon shots. That’s what happened for Tobias Hutzler when Road & Track sent him to Stuttgart, Germany, to shoot a feature on Porsche for the June issue. The story centered […]

Tobias Hutzler photographs Porsche’s “Secret Hoard” for Road & Track

Road & Track sent Tobias Hutzler to Stuttgart, Germany, to shoot a feature on an unassuming warehouse where Porsche keeps abandoned prototypes and such. The story, called “The Secret Hoard,” appears in the June issue. Here’s a look… . . .

Do we see an upturn in automotive advertising, perhaps?

There’s no question that automotive advertising spending stalled with the recession, but recently there have been signs that this category is picking up speed. We’re not talking a full recovery, but progress is being made. “Ad spending for cars and credit cards has come roaring back, helping drive 8.8% growth in 2010 U.S. spending for […]