More great press for Doug Menuez’s photo essay on the digital revolution: Wired’s Raw File blog features “Fearless Genius”

Doug Menuez‘s “Fearless Genius” photo essay on the digital revolution in Silicon Alley continues to garner major press. Hot on the heels of James Estrin‘s terrific piece in the New York Times‘ Lens blog comes a feature in‘s Raw File photo blog. “Pieced together, all the pictures Menuez made now provide one of, if […]’s photo department wants to help you

Raw File, the photo blog of Wired magazine, has just launched a series of posts called “Assignment Wired,” in which’s photo department will be giving out assignments and posting and critiquing selected submissions at the blog. “You’ll learn firsthand what it’s like to be on assignment for,” according to Raw File, which describes […]

This week’s highlights from other photo blogs

I follow somewhere around 80 photo-related blogs, and for a long time now I’ve been wanting to cull the best bits from each and collect them in one spot, sort of like a weekly snapshot of the photoblogosphere. Well, today’s the day to finally kick this thing off. Here’s “This week’s highlights from other photo […]

UPDATED: Interview with Diederik Meijer, editor of new iPad photo magazine “50pm”

. “This is what 50pm stands for: independent, unsubsidized, no corporate sponsorships, just a small team sharing our passion for photography with people around the globe.” —Diederik Meijer, editor in chief, 50pm . It’s one thing to complain that the ubiquity of imagery has eroded the value of photography. It’s quite another to try to […]

Wired’s “Favorite Photobloggers”

The editors of Wired‘s blog Raw File are inviting readers to “Get to Know Our Favorite Photobloggers” in a post that includes brief interviews with the bloggers in question. Sadly, we were not included on the list… (sniffle, sniffle) One of the people who did make the cut is Blake Andrews, whom Raw File dubs […]

Desperately seeking universal standards for the DSLR industry

.. Anyone hoping to buy a DSLR and fluidly enter the world of motion might want to read Wired‘s Raw File blog first. There’s a big story on the technical challenges you may face if you’re an underequipped newbie. Stuff like the “jello effect” (previously seen only in swimsuit season) and a lack of manual […]

10 photography pet peeves

… The photo department at Wired magazine has posted a top-10 list of their most despised photography pet peeves. Making the list? Stuff like HDR photos, shutter lag, the megapixel debate (“‘How many megapixels does that camera have?’ We don’t know, and we really don’t care. The real question is: Can you make a picture […]