Magazines tout “the power of print” in new campaign

. As announced in the Wall Street Journal last month, a pro-print campaign spearheaded by five major magazine publishers launched this month. “Magazines: The Power of Print” will deploy ads in close to 100 magazines this year, including People, Vogue, and Ladies’ Home Journal, according to the Journal. The first in the series, which appears […]

Is Mark Seliger paying homage to himself?

Josh Klenert over at the Grids blog wonders whether it’s just him, or do these two Rolling Stone covers by Mark Seliger look similar? . . . .

New in Editorial: Rolston shoots the Jonas Brothers for Rolling Stone

Have you seen the new issue of Rolling Stone? Matthew Rolston’s portrait of the Jonas Brothers gives the baby-faced pop trio some surprisingly adult edginess—with his white T-shirt, tight black jeans, and unruly dark curls, lead singer Joe Jonas in particular smolders like a young Chris Cornell. The Brothers, who range in age from 16 […]

New in Editorial: Matthew Rolston shoots Adam Lambert for cover of Rolling Stone

From the buzz online and in print, you’d think that being gay was the biggest news since George W. almost choked to death on a pretzel. That’s how it seems, anyway, if you’ve been following the story of Adam Lambert, the spiky-haired singer from Season 8 of American Idol. Lambert chose to keep his sexuality […]