Sony Music commissions Tobias Hutzler to create conceptual portraits of Grammy-nominated electronic music producer and singer Zhu

  Sony Music recently asked Tobias Hutzler, who’s known for his compelling photographic experiments with light, to create imagery for the immensely popular but very mysterious electronic music artist Zhu, whose released a new EP, Genesis, last month. “They wanted me to translate his music into color and light,” explains Tobias, who photographed Zhu in […]

Sony commissions Tobias Hutzler to photograph CD packaging and visual identity for indie band Magic Man

A while back, we showed you the cover that Tobias Hutzler shot for indie band Magic Man‘s new album, Before the Waves. But that image was just a small part of the assignment for which Sony, Magic Man’s label, commissioned Tobias. In addition to directing a music video for the band, he also shot imagery […]

Highlights from our Hollywood East cocktail party

Last week, Stockland Martel hosted a private cocktail party to celebrate our friends who work in the entertainment business here on the East Coast. It was our way of saying thanks for all the great creative collaborations we’ve enjoyed with our colleagues in the movie, TV, magazine, and recording industries. It was also, as you […]