Tobias Hutzler photographs “Meridian (Gold),” a dazzling sculpture by artist Mika Tajima installed in Long Island City, New York

With Meridian (Gold), artist Mika Tajima has created a remarkable sculpture that—as The New Yorker points out—looks like a hot tub with light-filled mist erupting from it. “The mist changes color based on the fluctuating value of gold,” the magazines explains. “Computerized lights are fed data, in real time, from global markets.” The New Yorker […]

The New Yorker selects Nadav Kander’s photo of “A View From the Bridge” director Ivo van Hove as one of its “Favorite Portraits of 2015”

Nadav Kander photographs Belgian director Ivo van Hove for The New Yorker

Tobias Hutzler photographs artist Stanley Whitney’s thrilling abstract painting “My Name Is Peaches” at the Studio Museum in Harlem for The New Yorker

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The New Yorker features Jimmy Chin and his filmmaker wife, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, in “Talk of the Town”

Tobias Hutzler photographs the perspective-bending installations of Danish artist Jeppe Hein for The New Yorker

For its June 22 issue, The New Yorker asked Tobias Hutzler to capture the experience of interacting with two public art installations by Jeppe Hein at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Below is the photo that appears in the magazine, plus a series of Tobias’ favorite images from the shoot.

The New Yorker sends Tobias Hutzler out into the streets to capture New York at night

The New Yorker recently asked Tobias Hutzler to shoot dynamic images of various New York City neighborhoods, from Chelsea to Midtown and the East Village. Below are some of his favorite photos from the assignment, one of which was used online as the introductory image for The New Yorker’s collaboration with radio station WNYC.  

Nadav Kander photographs Ronnie O’Sullivan, “The Unhappy King of Snooker,” for The New Yorker

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Nadav Kander photographs English composer Jonny Greenwood, of the band Radiohead, for The New Yorker

In addition to playing guitar in the highly regarded band Radiohead, Jonny Greenwood is an accomplished composer, with credits including the score to the Paul Thomas Anderson film There Will Be Blood. For a New Yorker piece showcasing Greenwood’s coming to Manhattan to play a live performance of the score for a screening of that […]

Tobias Hutzler photographs eerie scenes of chemically polluted Charleston, West Virginia, for The New Yorker

In the new issue of The New Yorker, Evan Osnos writes of the horrible chemical spill that devastated Charleston, West Virginia, this past January and of the political corruption that makes the state and its residents vulnerable to these sorts of industrial accidents. As Osnos notes, the January spill was “West Virginia’s fifth major industrial […]