Uwe Duettmann shoots comical soccer-themed ad for German sports-betting company Tipico

Uwe Duettmann photographs the sporty A-Class hatchback for Mercedes-Benz

  credits agency: Jung v. Matt creative director: Johannes Hicks art directors: Roman Mitterer and Christian Woelky  

Uwe Duettmann shoots a portrait-based campaign for moovel, an app that helps you find the closest means of transportation near you at any given moment


Uwe Duettmann shoots “It’s Hard to Be Ashamed in the City” fashion story for Vogue Italy

  credits model: Zen Sevastyanova hair/makeup: Spiri Fountoglou styling: Christiane Graf  

Uwe Duettmann shoots campaign for French furniture company Ligne Roset. Plus: behind-the-scenes video


Thank you to our Los Angeles clients and photographers

Bill Stockland just returned from two weeks in Los Angeles, where he caught up in person with many of our L.A.-based clients and photographers (and one of our Germany-based photographers who happened to be in town for a shoot). It was a great trip, and we thank you all for your time!  

Uwe Duettmann shoots stylish, offbeat feature for BMW Magazine showcasing the BMW 2er Gran Tourer

Uwe Duettmann photographs members of the Bayern Munich basketball team for ad campaign

  credits agency: 19:13 executive creative director: Michael Meyer creative director: Tobias Eichinger  

BMW taps Uwe Duettmann to shoot campaign promoting its sporty new electric car, the i3

BMW taps Uwe Duettmann for conceptual campaign showcasing the i8