Uwe Duettmann shoots campaign for the new Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen commissions Jan Steinhilber for the launch of its Crafter cargo van

  credits agency: Grabarz & Partner creative director: Katharina Riggert art director: Sarah Fröhlich art buyer: Garnet Lange retouching/CGI: Zerone  

Jan Steinhilber photographs Volkswagen’s Multivan Business edition

  credits client : Volkswagen Utility Vehicles agency: Grabarz und Partner creative director: Katharina Wlodasch art buying: Garnet Lange  

Uwe Duettmann photographs the new Volkswagen Passat

    credits agency: DDB Tribal Group creative director: Anika Kempkensteffen art director: Christoph Stender postproduction: The Scope  

Jason Hindley’s latest shoot for Volkswagen shows just how cold their air conditioning really feels

Jason also photographed a number of immaculate still lifes for the campaign… . credits agency: Adam & Eve DDB creatives: Jon Farley, Alex Lucas creative producer: Charmaine Balay prop stylist: Keiko Hindley prosthetic makeup artist: Bill Turpin models: Johan Van Vuuren, Toby Cisneros .

Uwe Duettmann shoots Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan campaign

. Credits agency: DDB Tribal creative director: Anika Kempfensteffen art director: Christoph Stender . .

New work by Uwe Duettmann: the BMW 4 Series Coupe and the Volkswagen Golf GTD

. Credits campaign: BMW 4 Series Coupé agency: Serviceplan creative director: Maik Kähler art director: Robin Lorentschat . . Credits campaign: Golf GTD agency: DDB Tribal creative director: Annika Kempfensteffen-Jöck . .

New work: Jason “Giblin” Hindley photographs roadside distractions for Volkswagen

Jason “Giblin” Hindley and Adam & Eve DDB—who previously collaborated on Volkswagen’s “Unbelievable Value” ads—have teamed up once again, this time for a campaign about Volkswagen’s City Emergency Brake, which is useful to have when you get distracted on the road. Jason’s job was to photograph the distractions. Fun. Here’s a look… . . Credits […]

New work by Uwe Duettmann: Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, and Martini Royale. Plus: models having a water-balloon fight for Nivea

It’s time to catch up with Uwe Duettmann, who’s got a lot of new work to show: print campaigns for Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes (featuring the band Placebo), and Martini Royale, plus a commercial he directed for Nivea in which models have a water-balloon fight. Here’s a look… .      

Humble groceries star in new Volkswagen campaign photographed by Jason “Giblin” Hindley

In DDB London‘s new campaign for Volkswagen, everyday grocery items like milk and bread are used in juxtaposition to the vehicles themselves—well, miniature versions of them—to illustrate the tagline “Unbelievable value.” There are deals to be had, is the message, and getting one for yourself needn’t be a production. The campaign was photographed Jason “Giblin” […]