Michael Muller on his longtime collaboration with Hugh Jackman and on capturing the actor’s physique for “The Wolverine” trailer

Michael Muller and Hugh Jackman go back a long way—nearly a decade—collaborating on editorial shoots and key art for blockbuster movies. “Hugh was in the first movie poster I ever shot, X-Men: The Last Stand,” recalls Michael. Their latest project together? The trailer for Jackman’s new movie The Wolverine, for which Michael directed footage of […]

Michael Muller: “Shoot every day, listen to your gut, and have fun”

In the current issue of American Photo, Michael talks to writer Lindsay Sakraida about the making of the Wolverine movie posters and press photos—specifically, about understanding and capturing the “dark side” of the title character, played by Hugh Jackman. . . A couple of excerpts: . “I always read the script beforehand, because I want […]

Michael Muller takes on the “Wolverine” cast

Even before the movie opened, bloggers at xmenfilms.net were buzzing about Michael Muller’s portrait of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine cast. Here’s a quick Q&A with Muller about the shoot and why Hugh Jackman—who jump-started the publicity machine when he personally emailed Muller’s photo to the movie website Ain’t It Cool News—is a rare breed of […]