Top MP4 Video Converters In 2022

The Best Top MP4 Video Converters

In today’s digital world, the best way to make money is to create top content. Many companies are betting on digital marketing, which involves creating exceptional, valuable, and useful video content for clients and buyers. Clips may be seen on a range of devices, including smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and TVs. 

The objective is to make a movie clip that people would be able to watch on their different devices. You should be aware of what a video format is and that there are hundreds of them in this regard. You’ll need a video converter to MP4 if you want a simple solution to your concerns about how to post on TikTok, streaming platforms, or numerous websites. 

Ordinary users, bloggers, filmmakers, and marketing experts benefit from them. If you need to ensure that the clip can be seen on specific devices, you may utilize an online video converter or buy software that does more than just convert. You can also take advantage of a free video converter, but it will have fewer features than commercial ones. 

We’ll go through the finest solutions for you, whether you need a YouTube video converter for blogging or anything else. 

Movavi Video Converter 

This is the most effective tool for converting. You can convert VOB to MP4 with a few clicks, compress large videos, and even go for AI quality upscaling.

You may use the program for free during the week and will not be harassed by any advertising, except for occasional reminders to purchase a premium package. Even if you only use the free edition, you will notice the sophisticated and user-friendly UI that many other programs lack. As a result, a large number of regular users and professionals utilize this program since it is available for installation on two popular operating systems. 


  • Ultrafast conversion of movie clips. It does the conversion much faster than the 80 or so other tools available; 
  • Ability to change the format among more than 150 possible clip formats; 
  • Encoding files at the speed of light; 
  • The ability to not only convert the movie, but also to do video editing, which includes trimming and merging clips, changing contrast, brightness, saturation, and so on; 
  • Reducing the size of large files, while the final product remains exceptional; 
  • Full customization of subtitles, including their size, font, colors, and more; 
  • Automatic improvement of sound and clip quality; 
  • Ready-made settings to change clips for playback on more than 150 different devices. 

  • Even beginners will find it simple to use; 
  • The program is powerful and handy; 
  • All main formats are supported, as well as many others. 


  • When using the free version, there is a watermark. 


  • $40 for an annual subscription; 
  • $50 for a lifetime license. 

Any Video Converter 

If you’re on a tight budget, the free edition of the program, which is widely regarded as the finest WebM to MP4 converter, will suffice. The free version can be enough for only changing the format, although it lags behind competing programs in terms of speed. 

Although the Any Video Converter is simple to utilize, getting used to its UI will take some time. In terms of the intuitiveness of the interface, the program lags behind its competitors. Therefore, it might be challenging for novices. This program, like the previous one, can be installed on two frequently used OS. 


  • Recording movies and clips in high quality; 
  • In addition to conversion, tools are available for editing and merging various clips; 
  • Convert high-quality motion pictures such as 4K or HD; 
  • Ability to burn clips to compact discs as well as digital multi-purpose discs. 

  • One of the greatest free alternatives;
  • Final materials of good quality; 
  • Ability to record on various discs; 
  • Convert high-resolution clips. 


  • You should be careful with the free version, because additional software may be installed on your laptop or desktop computer; 
  • Slow conversion speed. 


  • $50 for the Ultimate version; 
  • $60 for the Pro version. 

Freemake Video Converter 

Other tools’ free versions provide consumers a sense of what the full licensed versions can do. However, there is a significant difference between the free and premium versions of this program. Furthermore, you will rapidly see how badly you will be compelled to acquire a license if you use the tool for free, therefore this may be set down as the largest drawback. 

This program, on the other hand, isn’t all bad. Amateurs will be pleased since it provides consumers with a pleasant working environment. Also, emphasis should be paid to eye-catching and innovative design of Freemake converter. This is the ideal choice if you need to convert a file not only to the most common format but also rapidly convert MP4 to MP3. 


  • Trimming and cropping video footage to achieve the best possible final version; 
  • Ability to share good quality clips such as 4K; 
  • Ability to upload clips to multiple streaming platforms; 
  • Tools for adding and editing subtitles. 

  • High quality up to 4K; 
  • Super-fast conversion in the paid version; 
  • Support for over 500 formats; 
  • Multiple ready-made settings for phones, tablets, consoles, and video players; 
  • Recording on digital multi-purpose discs. 


  • The free version is far from perfect; 
  • Only for Windows users.


  • Premium subscriptions are about $40 per month 
  • About $60 for lifetime use. 


HandBrake is a simple and free converter for users of three major operating systems. Although there aren’t many formats offered, this may be sufficient. Because this tool is free, you shouldn’t anticipate anything particularly special, but you won’t be plagued by adverts. 


  • Because it is open-source, the application may be customized; 
  • The capacity to use pre-made settings for a variety of devices; 
  • 2160p – the highest resolution available. 

  • Completely free; 
  • No ads; 
  • The final product is of good quality; 
  • Basic editing tools are accessible. 

  • The interface is not user-friendly; 
  • Slow conversion. 


There are several easy-to-use and useful tools depending on the reason for which you need to convert distinct clips. You may utilize online converters to save time and money. Additionally, there is wonderful software at a reasonable price if you want more functionality and access to additional editing tools. The paid versions of different tools are almost the same price, so you should choose the software that suits your needs.



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