What are the five different types of entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the process of creating, developing and running a new small business. Check What are the five different types of entrepreneurship in detail.

Do you know about entrepreneurship and its different types? Most people think of a single type of entrepreneur who risks everything to launch a business and works crazy hours to make it successful. 

But there’s more than one kind of entrepreneurship. Being aware of this can help you determine which is yours and whether you have the right qualities to run your own business. So, let’s check What are the five different types of entrepreneurship?

  1. The Copycat Entrepreneur – Not all innovation has to be new. Sometimes, it’s about taking an existing idea and improving it for a particular market or niche. This is often the case with businesses that cater to underserved markets or provide goods and services previously unavailable due to technological limitations or legal barriers.
  2. The Skeptical Entrepreneur – The sceptical entrepreneur is one who, despite being sceptical and fearful of failure, decides to take the plunge into entrepreneurship because they have an idea they can’t let go of. If you can relate to this type of entrepreneur, you might want to think about why you’re so sceptical about starting your business. Continue exploring What are the five different types of entrepreneurship?
  3. The Research Entrepreneur – The research entrepreneur is a student of business who is always studying the competition, reading about successful companies, and learning about the latest business trends. This type of entrepreneur doesn’t need to start a business to feel satisfied; she needs to know more about starting a business.
  4.  The Determined Entrepreneur – These entrepreneurs are determined to start their businesses and don’t let anything happen in their way. Their businesses might not be based on a great idea or even all that successful, but they will make it work no matter what. Keep analysing What are the five different types of entrepreneurship?
  5. The Social Entrepreneur – The social entrepreneur wants to make the world a better place by solving difficult problems and helping people through her business. She’s inspired by larger-than-life ideas and wants to make an impact on society without being limited by bureaucracy or politics.
  6. The Classic Entrepreneur – The classic entrepreneur is someone who wants to make money. They start a business because they have a good idea or an effective method. Since they are often motivated by profits, they are typically not interested in their business’s actual product or service.

What are the five different types of entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs typically have ideas, and they want to see those ideas come to life. There are five different types of entrepreneurs. The type you choose to be should depend on your motives for starting a business. We have already discussed the types above.


Folks often think of entrepreneurs as risk-takers who will do whatever it takes to make their dream a reality, sometimes even sacrificing their health. But, starting a business is not the same as taking a huge financial or personal risk. Entrepreneurs are creative thinkers who see opportunities where others see problems. 

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