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To know details about Wordle game and Wordle Country Game Unlimited, please read the complete article till the end.

You must have heard about the Wordle game, which is available online for free. There are various versions of this game that are available online. Now we have come across the Wordle game, which is especially for geography lovers. The Wordle consists of various country or places names. 

Wordle Country Game Unlimited is the new hype of the market. People of countries like Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia, etc. In this article, we will gather all the information about the geographical version of the Wordle game. 

What is the Wordle Country game? 

In this version of the Wordle game, all you get to play are different names of countries worldwide. You will get challenges every day, which will consist of a country or a place name. In the new version of Wordle Countries Unlimited, you get free chances of guessing until you get the right word. The only difference in this game is that it gives you a dim outline of a map, and you have to guess the correct country. Isn’t that interesting? 

More about the game

Unlike the original Wordle game, this new game hasn’t yet received fame. Nevertheless, it is pretty exciting to play. In general, you get an outline of a map of any random country, and you have to guess that. It is simple and more fun to try. 

Wordle Country Game Unlimited. How to play? 

Follow these basic steps to play the Wordle country game as follows:

  • From the provided outline of a map, try to guess the country directly. 
  • Once you start guessing, the tiles change to red, green, or grey color. Do not repeat the grey tile’s alphabets as they appear at the bottom. 
  • After each attempt, you get a free hint which will help you guess correctly. 

In this following manner, the game becomes easy and exciting to play. 

The target of the game

The Wordle Country Game Unlimited version gives you a map outline of that country. Then, you have to guess the country name right within the tiles given. This is easier than the original version of the game. An added advantage of the game is that you get to know more countries and their maps. 

Are you keen to know more about the game and other details? Click on the website link. https://www.thenationalnews.com/arts-culture/2022/02/09/wordle-spin-off-games-from-worldle-for-countries-to-nerdle-with-numbers/


Since October, the Wordle game has become everyone’s favorite hobby. But the undiscovered version also seems interesting. The new country version gives the added benefit of learning new countries and their maps through the game. 

This article has all the information about the Wordle Country Game Unlimited and how to play the next game. 

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