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Attention bloggers! Join vibrant community of Stocklandmartelblog.com and showcase your expertise with enlightening Write for Us Legal write-ups.

Stocklandmartelblog’s readers are keen to devour legal write-ups as they offer well-researched content on various aspects of law that is concise and easy to comprehend, allowing readers to stay informed about recent changes and gain a deeper understanding.

If you are a professional from legal field, you can share your knowledge via Write for Us Legal write-ups.

About Stocklandmartelblog.com:

Bloggers with legal expertise are encouraged to contribute their posts, enabling them to share their knowledge and engage with a diverse audience seeking accurate and reliable legal information.

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Certification in LLB/Bar Examination/JD/CLE, Etc., is not required, but Writers need excellent writing skills. 

Professional experience in Legal field.

Proficiency in crafting website content, write-ups, blogs, (or) articles required. 


  • Writers need to research Legal topics thoroughly.
  • Writers need comprehensive knowledge of Legal subjects.
  • Writers should understand audience’s Legal interests and preferences.

SEO Guidelines for Legal Write for Us:

  • Legal write-ups must be original and not plagiarized.
  • Legal write-ups should have high readability.
  • Legal write-ups should be grammatically error-free.
  • Passive voice should be avoided in Legal write-ups.
  • Avoid redundancy and repetitions in Legal write-ups.
  • Offensive information, words, (or) promotional links are not allowed.
  • Use keywords appropriately for search engine optimization.

Content writing guidelines:

  • Legal write-ups should provide accurate information and facts.
  • Focus on subject of Legal in write-ups. 
  • Stay on legal topics and do not deviate.
  • Include two backlinks, images(non-copyrighted), a do-follow link, an introductory and FAQ section in Legal “Write for Us” posts, pros and cons, headings, bullet points, subheads, and reference links in Legal articles.
  • Unbiased conclusion summarizing key points required. 
  • Legal articles should be 800-1500 words. 
  • Use an approachable tone to engage readers. 
  • Proofread for clarity, typo errors, and misleading sentences.
  • Include expert opinions and personal experiences. 

General guidelines:

  • Ensure information is precise and up-to-date.
  • Avoid giving specific legal advice; each situation requires personalized attention.
  • Support statements with reliable sources like case law (or) reputable legal authorities.
  • Remain unbiased and present legal information objectively.
  • Update and revise Legal “Write for Us” posts to reflect changes in applicable laws.
  • Include expert’s opinions and personal experiences.
  • Respect copyright laws by giving proper attribution.
  • Transparently disclose any conflicts of interest related.
  • Follow legal ethics and professional standards.
  • Use generic examples that don’t violate client confidentiality.
  • Proofread content for typos and misleading sentences for better clarity. 
  • Specify jurisdiction and limitations of discussed legal principles.
  • Limit opinions to those supported by sound legal reasoning.
  • Address cultural factors that impact interpretation of legal principles.
  • Recognize and acknowledge potential biases in content.
  • Engage with readers via Write for Us + Legal posts to foster a positive and informative discussion.
  • End with a call to action—ask questions, request feedback and comments, and share your posts. Provide links to relevant resources—books/magazines/websites/forums/community/blogs/social media pages, Etc.


Contract Law/Intellectual Property/Criminal Law/Employment Law/Family Law/Immigration Law/Personal Injury/Tax Law/Real Estate Law/Environmental Law/Business Law/Constitutional Law/Bankruptcy Law/Medical Malpractice/Cyber Law/Insurance Law/Securities Law/Trusts & Estates/Landlord-Tenant Law/Consumer Protection/Admiralty & Maritime Law/International Law/Education Law/Construction Law/Healthcare Law/Divorce Law/DUI/DWI Law/Debt Collection/Environmental Compliance/Workers’ Compensation/Employment Discrimination/Internet Law/Negligence Law/Personal Data Protection/Copyright Law/Freedom of Speech/Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)/Privacy Law/Public Interest Litigation/Securities Fraud/Trademark Law/Data Privacy/Workplace Safety/Government Regulatory Compliance/Nonprofit Law/Patents Law/“Write for Us” + Legal on Estate Planning/Probate Law/Criminal Defense/Medical Ethics/Civil Rights/Contract Negotiation/Investment Law/Product Liability/Small Claims Court/Animal Rights/Bankruptcy Protection/Foreign Policy/Freedom of Religion/Workers Rights/Immigration Reform/Discrimination Law/International Trade Law/Ethics in Business/First Amendment/Tax Planning/Real Estate Transactions/Personal Injury Claims/Defamation Law/Occupational Safety/Mergers and Acquisitions/Adoption Law/Gun Control/Healthcare Regulation/Mediation and Arbitration/Competition Law/Civil Litigation/Whistleblower Protection/Human Rights/Energy Law/Commercial Leasing/Business Compliance/Workers’ Rights/Eminent Domain/Criminal Procedure/Social Security Disability/Telecommunications Law/Insurance Claims/Education Policy/Employment Contracts/Divorce Mediation/Bankruptcy Repayment/Personal Injury Settlements/Environmental Compliance/Unfair Competition/Wrongful Termination/Healthcare Disputes/Property Rights/Privacy Policy/Immigration Detention, Etc.

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  • Legal guest posts expand online presence on Stocklandmartelblog.com.
  • Establish legal authority, build trust among readers, and potential clients.
  • Connect with professionals and expand professional circles.
  • Improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic through Write for Us + Legal backlinks from Stocklandmartelblog.com.
  • Showcase expertise, position as a thought leader, and enhance professional reputation.
  • Reach specific demographics interested in legal topics and maximize impact and engagement.
  • Increase brand awareness with high-quality legal content on Stocklandmartelblog.com.
  • Educate audience and positively impact online community.
  • Attract potential clients actively seeking legal guidance and convert readers into clients.
  • Leave a lasting impression with timeless legal insights and create enduring value for readers.

Submitting write-ups:

  • Submit write-ups to contact.stocklandmartelblog22@gmail.com for review (or) direct publication.
  • Email Stocklandmartelblog’s editorial team for any queries (or) clarifications related to “Write for Us” + Legal posts. 


  • The Elements of Legal Style(Bryan A. Garner)
  • Legal Writing in Plain English(Bryan A. Garner)
  • The Trial(Franz Kafka)
  • The Rule of Law(Tom Bingham)
  • An Introduction to Legal Reasoning(Edward H. Levi)

Final thoughts:

Stocklandmartelblog.com can modify (or) remove parts of your Legal write-ups. Bloggers can’t submit approved Legal write-ups elsewhere. Stocklandmartelblog’s editorial team will contact bloggers before publishing (or) within 24-hours after submitting your legal write-ups. Choose any Legal topic, including ones mentioned earlier. 

Were directives for crafting Legal + “Write for Us” guest posts helpful? Please comment on these guidelines provided for Legal write-ups.  



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