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In the post, you will learn about the Write for Us Technology and its article guidelines.

What type of writing style do you have? Do you want to publish your article on a world-renowned platform? If yes, you need to read the article until the end because, in this post, we have explained all the details for submitting your guest post on Technology using updated guidelines. If you are a writer looking for a platform to showcase your writing skills and, at the same time, you want to grow your skills, then this opportunity is truly for you.

In this post, we have shared all the details required to submit your guest post on Technology. So, read the post Write for Us Technology to find all the details related to the article’s publication.  

Who we are?

We are one of the top-rank websites for news, articles, websites, and product reviews. Our pieces are based on recent research from all available sources with deep information. Our website has a vast category of blogs where you can find issues related to lifestyle, health, education, fitness, medicines, shopping, law, and much more. Besides these topics, you can explore our website for website reviews to find out whether the website is legit or not and product reviews to get information on the particular product.

The reader will find all the Write for Us + Technology information based on current news and factual data. We have several audiences on our website who trust our content. If you are the one who can write posts that are based on recent information and facts, then read the guidelines given below.

Guidelines need to contribute to Guest Post

Here are some specific guidelines a writer must follow to contribute to our platform guest post.

  • Your post needs to be SEO friendly, so to make your post SEO friendly, you can either use interrogative words in your article or read some tips from Google. On the internet, you will find many SEO-friendly tips that help your writing to make your article SEO-friendly.
  • Technology Write for Us must be 100% original, so to make your guest post unique, write in your own words. However, we don’t accept the article even with the 1% plagiarism. 
  • Your article needs to be arranged in the proper order, with punctuation marks, and be informative.
  • Your article needs to be 1500 words and at most 2500 words. The guest post word limit is 1500 to 2500 words, but to meet the deadlines, kindly avoid filling in information or sentences. However, the entire article needs to be informative.
  • In the “Write for Us” + Technology post, you must use keywords only with the 2% density. However you can read the keyword placement and density on the internet, but on average, you can use the primary and secondary keywords after 90-100 word gaps, respectively.
  • Guest posts you are writing need to be based on the current topic with the latest information. The information used in the article should be free of helpful knowledge or events held in the past.
  • While writing your article, there must be no spelling mistakes, grammatical issues, or any other issues. So, ensure that your Grammarly score must be more than 99+.
  • Your Technology + “Write for Us” must be free from explicit, abusive, or provoking words. There shouldn’t be any sentence or language that hurts the emotions of any community or person. 

These are general guidelines that the users need to follow to get their article selected. However, there are certain benefits that the user can achieve by submitting their articles. These benefits are explained below.

Benefits of submitting your guest post

Here are some benefits users can opt for when writing guest posts: read them carefully.

  • Your confidence level will boost when you write for one of the best websites in the world.
  • You can check your Technology “Write for Us” article’s SERP and show improvement in the required field.
  • It will generate organic traffic on your website, which helps to elevate your website higher on the search engine page.
  • Your writing skills will be enhanced, which will help you in the future.
  • It will help your career by showing your article in the portfolio. 

These are some chief benefits that the users can opt for, but besides these benefits, there are some other benefits that users can gain.

Know your topic!

  • How do we use Technology?
  • Why is it called Technology?
  • What is the meaning of the Technology?
  • Who is the father of Technology?
  • What is the latest achievement in Technology?
  • What is the future of the Technology?

You can write on these topics or choose any other case based on Write for Us Technology. If you are comfortable with all the above mentioned details, write a sample using these guidelines. However, you can choose any topic with the writing style that you are satisfied with.

How do you submit your guest post?

If you understand all the information mentioned above and are comfortable with your article, then you can write a sample using the guidelines mentioned above. Once you write your topic, send your article to contact.stocklandmartelblog22@gmail.com. As soon as we receive your topic, our quality analyst team will examine your article and send you feedback as quickly as possible. 

If your topic gets selected, we will inform you within 24 hours or less than that. 


If you have all these qualities and are comfortable with all the guidelines mentioned earlier in the Write for Us + Technology, then write a sample using these guidelines and send it to us on the email ID mentioned in the article. However, for further help on the topic, you can obtain information from the.

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