Nadav Kander shoots “Bad Guys” portraits, directs short videos for GQ (updated)

For its June issue, GQ commissioned Nadav Kander to shoot “Bad Guys,” a portfolio of seven actors “who have turned scaring the living crap out of us into an art form,” as the editors put it.

Nadav, who is represented as a director by Chelsea Pictures, also directed short videos of each of the men—Benicio Del Toro, Mark Strong, Malcolm McDowell, Ron Perlman, John Hawkes, Jack Gleeson, and Walton Goggins—acting out “iconic evil” for the magazine’s iPad edition (downloadable here).

“The project began as a series of stills…. However, Kander soon realized there was an opportunity to take the concept further by shooting accompanying short films,” according to a press release issued by Chelsea Pictures. “Original content was a departure from the customary interview segments featured on, but it was a venture that the creative team at GQ was excited to make. The films, featuring various iconic actors, initially appear to be depicting villainous acts, but as the camera pans out very banal activities are revealed.

“To capture the essence of these perceived miscreant acts, Kander said, ‘The idea of villains leans to the shadow side of the human psyche. Where some tend to ignore this human condition, I believed there was a way to capture its beauty.’

The films—titled “Evil Instincts” and edited by J.D. Smyth of Final Cut, with sound by Barking Owl—mark the commercial film debut for Nadav.

Here’s a look at the portraits, which were featured in The Daily Edit at A Photo Editor on Wednesday


Design director: Fred Woodward
Director of photography: Dora Somosi
Senior photo editor: Krista Prestek
Art director: Chelsea Cardinal


Benicio Del Toro. Photo by Nadav Kander for GQ, June 2012 issue.


Update: The videos are now live at Click on the screenshot below to access them…


Click above to view Nadav Kander’s videos at


Mark Strong. Photo by Nadav Kander for GQ.

Ron Perlman. Photo by Nadav Kander for GQ.

John Hawkes. Photo by Nadav Kander for GQ.

Walton Goggins. Photo by Nadav Kander for GQ.

Malcolm McDowell. Photo by Nadav Kander for GQ.

Jack Gleeson. Photo by Nadav Kander for GQ.



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