Art Streiber photographs Jimmy Kimmel for New York magazine

Before Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, Jimmy Kimmel had planned to come to Brooklyn to tape his Los Angeles–based show. Alas, he had to cancel the first taping when the storm turned out to be as bad as predicted. Well, if we can’t have Jimmy with us here in NYC, we can at least enjoy these two portraits of him by Art Streiber, shot for the October 29 issue of New York magazine.

“The ‘subway idea’ came from my collaboration with the photography director, Jody Quon,” explains Art. “She and I wanted to find a way to say ‘New York’ without being corny. Set designer Naomi Strauss built the set an hour before we were slotted to photograph Jimmy, and it was put together in the lobby of the theater where Jimmy shoots his show every night.”


Thomas Alberty, design director
Jody Quon, photography director
Roxanne Behr, associate photo editor
Naomi Strauss, prop styling
Rodney Munoz, styling
Stephanie Fowler, grooming


Jimmy Kimmel. Photo by Art Streiber for New York magazine, October 29, 2012, issue.

Photo by Art Streiber for New York.



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