All About the Clothes Branding Ideas

All About the Clothes Branding Ideas

If you have a clothing brand and you’ve been slowly building up your client base, you may be toying with expanding and taking it a step further by buying wholesale clothing. Maybe you’ve done some research, run the idea by friends or family members, and given it a little thought. It might seem overwhelming; buying bulk isn’t a low-cost expense, but it could help you grow your brand. 

Monetary Benefits

Regardless of buying clothing, you can likely save much more money by making a bulk purchase than at the store. Spending a lower price per piece means the opportunity for more profit depending on the selling price of your finished product. Of course, finding little and large ways to save money in your clothing business might not make a relatively significant difference in the short term. Still, chances are, over the long run, wise financial decisions will likely be more straightforward. 

Getting What You Need

Have you ever had a great idea for something and wanted several specific items to make it happen, but disappointment set in when you couldn’t get everything you needed? With buying wholesale clothing, you may find that, more often than not, you’re not going to have a problem getting what you need for your particular idea. 

There aren’t any guarantees, but considering wholesalers specialize in bulk orders, they’re usually well-stocked with customers’ demands. However, that doesn’t mean you want to take any chances and miss out. On the contrary, once you have your custom designs in mind and know the most appealing pieces, you’re better off buying wholesale clothing as soon as possible. 

Complementary Opportunities

You don’t necessarily have to choose if you are undecided on a particular custom design for one type of clothing or something similar. For example, say you’re planning on getting the dropped shoulder sweatshirt from Bella & Canvas, but you also want another comparable sweatshirt with noticeable design differences, like the sweatshirt with side zippers. 

Depending on your wholesaler, getting complementary items from that one business could be effortless and less hassle. Everything is in one place and may be able to get shipped at the same time, which means you can decide if you want to release both (or more) together with your clothing brand or stagger their release a bit.

Trend Availability 

Most people who love clothes know the latest fashion trends, even if they don’t necessarily wear them. It’s almost hard to avoid news about them, especially if you’re on social media. Suppose your clothing brand sells a few or many clothing items that fall into the latest trends category. Then, you’re likely to spot them on a wholesaler’s website, allowing you to pair them with your custom designs and incorporate them into your store. 

Wholesalers are aware of the trends and plan accordingly, meaning you can do the same. However, keep in mind some trends can be fleeting. Therefore, consider purchasing with longevity and that it’s not a trend that’s likely to fade into oblivion when you receive your box of wholesale blank clothing.

Range of Colors and Sizes

At some point, you’ve probably walked into a store, found something you loved that you wanted to buy, then realized they didn’t have the desired color or size. Although, this isn’t an issue you want to encounter when you have a specific design idea for your clothing brand. Wholesalers know their customers aren’t going to them for a shirt in one color or pants in a single size. 

To meet their customer’s needs, wholesalers offer a range of sizes and colors, and in turn, provide the opportunity for many options to sort through to decide which best matches your vision for your clothing brand. First, consider your demographic and what most appeals to them. 


No one likes the feeling of wasted time. Buying from a wholesaler lets you look through a range of items that appeal to you and your customers, choose what best meshes with your brand, and buy accordingly instead of dealing with multiple businesses trying to get what you need. Wholesalers know how to make it a more streamlined process for their customers to find and order what they require and get it as fast as possible without any time-wasting nonsense in between.

As a clothing brand, buying wholesale clothing could be a great idea, but as mentioned in the intro, it usually requires a significant expense that you must make upfront. So before buying anything, make sure that this cost is something you can afford now and that you have your custom ideas ready for the pieces you’re considering buying. 

Don’t hesitate to contact them if you still have concerns about whether a wholesaler is right for you. You’re probably not the first potential customer who received them and wasn’t sure whether they wanted to place an order just yet. Therefore, bring your questions, hear the customer service rep, and decide if buying wholesale clothing suits you and your brand.



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