Cookie Policy – Check All Essential Points Here!

Please read this account to be aware of the Cookie Policy that we use on our website, including what cookies are and how we use them.

We have explained in this policy what cookies are, their storage, and the method we use them to fulfill our purpose on this website. We have also mentioned how you can change the cookie preferences. 

What do we know by Cookies?

Cookies are text files of small sizes. They store small yet essential pieces of information. These files help in providing you with a better browsing experience. Cookies also help in making the website more secure and efficient. When your browser loads our website, the cookies get stored on your device.

How Do We Utilize Cookies?

We use two categories of cookies, namely first-party and third party. The first-party cookies help us maintain our website and make it function correctly. These are not linked to your personal information. 

Third-party cookies have relevance with our users’ behavior. These files allow us to know your preferences on our website and how we perform in return. Therefore, we can display advertisements that suit your interest while accessing our portal. 

What Are the Cookie Types That We Employ?

At Stocklandmartelblog, we use the following types of cookies.

  • Functional – These cookies enable specific functions like sharing content on social media, embedding videos, etc. 
  • Statistical – These files store the analytical information related to our website, such as the number of visitors, most viewed pages, etc. 
  • Essential – These cookies help users browse our website properly. These files do not store the personal information of the users but are related to user sessions and security.
  • Preferences – As the name suggests, these files store your language and other settings to render a better browsing experience.
  • Marketing – These cookies help us know the user preferences based on your search queries. Therefore, you shall view advertisements that suit your interest. Third-party agencies may also access these cookies to show you tailored ads on their website. 

How To Control the Cookie Preferences?

You can alter, block, or delete the cookie preferences from our website. You have the flexibility to change the usage of cookies or to reject them altogether. Your browser also contains settings to perform these actions. We respect your privacy and strive to keep your personal information secured.