Kathy Ryan, photography director of The New York Times Magazine, on Kwaku Alston. Plus: Behind-the-scenes video of Kwaku’s Nikon shoot with Ashton Kutcher.

The fall issue of PDNedu, a magazine produced by PDN for photo educators and their students, includes a feature on Kwaku Alston that covers everything from how he established himself—entering, and winning, photo contests while a student at Rochester Institute of Technology gave him a big boost—to his experiences photographing celebrity portraits, the First Family, […]

Spotlight: Nino Munoz

. It’s difficult to know whether Nino Munoz, who began his career in New York in the early 1990s, has led a charmed life or whether his charm has led his life in such positive directions. Maybe it’s a bit of both. Nino’s first major fashion story, for instance—photographing Gisele Bundchen for British Vogue—sparked what […]

Art Streiber shoots Ashton Kutcher for Men’s Fitness

Ashton Kutcher tells Men’s Fitness that he practices bikram yoga and Krav Maga (the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces) so that he can protect his family when “the end of days” comes (via a post at the HuffPo). Sounds a little loopy, but you can’t argue with the results of his workout […]

Introducing Nino Munoz

. We’re thrilled to welcome Nino Munoz to the Stockland Martel roster. Nino is a celebrity, fashion, and lifestyle photographer known for his sexy but sophisticated visual style and personal charm. His work has been published worldwide, including in The Face, InStyle, The New York Times Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and Arena. Nino’s first-ever assignment was […]

Jay Leno rolls up his sleeves

… Matthias Clamer recently photographed Jay Leno, whose new show (you know, The Jay Leno Show) premiered on NBC last week. He’s just posted a bunch of photos from the shoot at his blog, including this one. … “Jay Leno has a new job, which proves that there are still jobs to be found in […]