CC52, Week 51: “Domestic Beer”

Week 51 of the series CC52: A Year of Personal Work by Craig Cutler…

Title: “Domestic Beer”

Sketch and photos © Craig Cutler.

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"Schaefer (Single Can)"

"Pabst Blue Ribbon"


"Old Milwaukee"

"Rolling Rock"






"Mixed Beer Composition 1"

"Mixed Beer Composition 2"



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  1. Posted 03/27/2012 at 7:18 am | Permalink

    First, the photos are great as they’ve always been each week.

    Second, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Craig and his assistants drank all of that beer themselves to celebrate making it to the next to last project in this extraordinary personal project.


    Now for what I expect will be a fireworks display to celebrate the conclusion of CC52.

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