Is Rubyui Com Legit (July 2021) Let’s Read Reviews Here!

Is Rubyui Com Legit (July 2021) Let's Read Reviews Here!

Is Rubyui Com Legit (July 2021) Let’s Read Reviews Here! >> Do you love gorging on seafood? Read this write-up to gain a comprehensive insight into an online shop that sells a variety of seafood.

Does seafood feature in your favorite edibles? If yes, then read this unbiased review to learn about Rubyui com, an online shop of yummy seafood. Well, that’s what it claims to be. 

Rubyui comis physically located in the United States but delivers worldwide, and that too free if your order value is more than $60.

That’s quite tempting! No wonder you cannot resist shopping here. But here is a word of caution. We suggest that you read the entire article, Is Rubyui com Legit and then decide to purchase here.

Is Rubyui com a scam?

It is essential to seek an answer to this question before going ahead to shop at Rubyui com.

Here are some facts that will give an idea if Rubyui com is an authentic name or not-

  • Domain age- Pretty recent, the domain creation date is 3rd June 2021.
  • Scam rank is – 38.8/100, below-average trust rank.
  • Website popularity- Not at all popular.
  • Website content- Not impressive seems to be plagiarised.
  • Rubyui com Reviews are not available either over the internet or on its website.
  • Social media presence- no social media platform is found.
  • About Us Page- The About Us page has proper product-related information, very well-explained. However, on scrutinizing further, one finds that the page flashes the name of Alaska Gourmet that does not feature in the domain name of this store. Why this ambiguity? No brand-conscious company will have such suspicious information on its website.

Therefore, it becomes obvious to seek an answer to Is Rubyui com Legit before venturing to this website. 

What is Rubyui com? 

Rubyui com seems to be a one-stop destination for seafood lovers. It sells Salmon, herring, lobsters, crabs, and many other varieties.

Rubyui com claims to sell the top seafood from the best producers in and around Alaska.

So, is your mouth already watering, and are you game to order the Alaska catch? The products on Rubyui com are available under two categories- Seafood and Hot Sales. 

Shoppers can also sign up with their newsletter to get the latest information on products.

Well, you must first read the article, Is Rubyui com Legit, in its entirety before deciding to buy here.

But, certain tabs on the Rubyui com website, like Return Policy and FAQs, display no information if you click on them. The store also claims to offer a 30-day return policy. Why offer a 30-day return on edibles?

To refute these discrepancies, one has to know for sure it is legit or not. 

We will discover this through the following subtitles.

Specifications of Rubyui com Reviews:

  • Product category- A vast assortment of seafood.
  • Website URL-
  • Email-
  • Mailing Address- Not given.
  • Contact number- 972-763-2455.
  • Shipping time- Not clear which creates a confusion that – Is Rubyui com Legit.
  • Shipping fee- they offer free shipping over 60$ order value.
  • Returns- within 30 days after receiving the order. 
  • Refunds- Not clear.
  • Mode of payment- Credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and PayPal is accepted.
  • Customer support- 24/7.

Pros of Rubyui com:

  • A great variety of fresh and premium seafood is available.
  • The company has an elaborate network of overseas and domestic suppliers.
  • Thirty days for free return.

Cons of Rubyui com:

  • The website is just one month and 14 days old.
  • No reviews are available.

Rubyui com Reviews by customers:

One does not find any reviews by shoppers about Rubyui com.

It also does not feature on any social media platform. The only select reviews available are on the internet. This is quite strange because Rubyui com displays quite a tempting range of seafood at reasonable prices.

Final Verdict on Rubyui com:

We had to research the website in detail to conclude the article.

In the final wrapping, we suggest you not to shop here. It is best to first wait and watch till the time Rubyui com gains some customer base and positive reviews. Once thee-shop establishes itself, then you can go ahead and buy your favorite seafood at Rubyui com.

We hope that this article on Is Rubyui com Legit was helpful. If you want to add more, then please add your comments. 

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2 thoughts on “Is Rubyui Com Legit (July 2021) Let’s Read Reviews Here!

  1. Pablo Hernandez 07/28/2021 at 02:54 PM

    I filed a complaint with PayPal as I never got the product. They actually gave them a tracking number that showed delivered, PayPal sided with them. I filed a complaint with the post office and was given a picture of the actual package the tracking number belonged to, it was a random number they stole, and I called PayPal provided the photos and they reversed the call and refunded my money. Total scum bag fraudulent website.

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