Is Ojktw com Legit {May 2021} Read The Helpful Reviews!

Is Ojktw com Legit

Is Ojktw com Legit {May 2021} Read The Helpful Reviews! >> Read more contents on how not to get duped by a fake website and check this selling portal.

One of the major problems during this lockdown situation is finding a way to spend it. It is especially true for kids trapped in their houses and lacking activities to kill time. Therefore who wouldn’t look for a bonafide platform for buying entertainment supplies for kids? 

People, especially from the United Statesseek a solution for this crisis via an online platform. One such platform that claims to provide the services in the kid’s entertainment section is Ojktw Com. 

Hence the review will try to analyze the information on the website and find Is Ojktw com Legit

Is Ojktw com a scam? 

Looking for the legitimacy of any platform is not an easy task. If the correct research process is not known, then the person can be scammed without much effort. So we did research and bring you all the crucial details to make the right decision. 

  • The Domain age of the website is less than 6-month. 
  • The website age is 22 days. Made on 06/05/2021, and the expiry date of the website is 06/05/2022. 
  • The trust score of the website is 2%. 
  • The website lacks popularity among the masses. 
  •  No Ojktw com Reviews are available on any platform.
  • The hidden prominent detail of the website hence lacks transparency.
  • No social media handle. 
  • The website has plagiarized content. Some of the product pictures are not available.

Hence the website raises alarm bells regarding its honesty. 

About the website 

The website is a relatively new platform that claims to provide the best quality products to their customer. One of the main aims of the website is to save their customer shopping time. To achieve this goal website claims to be using the latest technologies. 

However, what can raise the question Is Ojktw Com Legit is it lacks information about the type of product it aims to sell. By the looks of it, the website provides products for kid’s entertainment such as inflatable slides, inflatable bouncers, swing sets, etc.  

Additional information 

The website claims to have advanced search technology. It helps the website to provide all kinds of information. The website also states to combine traditional and internet trading channels. 

On the other hand, the website professes high privacy protection and hassle-free return of the products. It also mentions customer support around the clock. Another highlight of the website is that it alleges a “track order” facility. Continue reading for Is Ojktw com Legit.


  • The website is accessible via the website URL:
  • The domain age of the website is only 22 days. It is very little and shows that the platform is recent. 
  • The platform was created on 06/05/2021 and will expire on 06/05/2022. It means that it is a short expectancy platform.  
  • The trust score of the website is poor, 2%. 
  • The website lacks crucial details such as the owner’s details, the main aims, and the product. Making one ask Is Ojktw com Legit. 
  • The mail id is
  • The physical address, and phone number are absent.
  • There is no social media handle present. 
  • There is a 7-days refund policy for the products. 
  • There is free shipping for worldwide delivery. 
  • Method of payment: Credit card, PayPal, and debit card. 


  • The website has an HTTPS protocol. However, it does not mean security.
  • The website has no charge for the shipping for worldwide delivery and not just the United States
  • The website has a user-friendly interface for the customer. 


  • The expiration of the domain shows that it has a short life expectancy. 
  • The website has no physical address and details on the owner of the website.
  • There is a lack of customer review online. 

Ojktw Com Reviews

One of the repeated trends when a website looks suspicious is a lack of reviews. The website lacking review is a red alert on the authenticity of the platform. While conducting our research, we were not able to find any comments on the website. 

The absence of reviews on the external platform was enough to doubt the website’s claims to authenticity. (If you want to learn more about Credit card scams, read here.)

Final takeaway

Here we have answered to the question Is Ojktw com Legit. 

The website’s recent domain age, low trust score, absence of social handle, no popularity, no reviews; clear indications of the website being a scam. 

Therefore the readers are advised to keep away from this website. 

Have you ever shopped from a website that looked suspicious? Please share your experience in the comment section below. 

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