Is Fetid usa Legit {May 2021} Read The Genuine Reviews!

Is Fetid usa Legit 2021

Is Fetid usa Legit {May 2021} Read The Genuine Reviews! >> Please read the full article and our research to know the legitimacy of this portal.

Do you want to keep your food fresh for long hours? Are you a new mother and tired of making food again – again for your baby? If you are looking for a solution to these problems and want to buy an insulation bag, this article is for you. Because here, we will review the website Fetidusa, a United States based e-commerce website that sells insulation bags for new mothers to keep their baby’s food hot and fresh. 

We will discuss the specifications, pros and cons, customer reviews, trust index, and Is Fetid usa Legit? So let’s talk about all. 

Is Fetidusa a scam or not?

Nowadays, so many online shopping websites have mushroomed. Some of them are legit, and some are scams. So before paying our hard-earned money to any website, it is necessary to check the website’s authenticity. 

  • Domain Age: The site is very young. The domain of the site was created on 17 March 2021.
  • Owner Information: owner’s name is mentioned as Edward Torrez on the site.
  • Website Review: there is no customer Fetid Usa Reviews are available anywhere on the internet.
  • Social Media Presence: the site has no presence on any social media platform.
  • Trust Score: The score is very poor 1%. 
  • Popularity: The website has no brand popularity.
  • Prices: prices of every product are the same. No difference at all in the prices, which creates doubt.
  • Plagiarized Content: The content of the website seems plagiarized.
  • Physical address: We found that the site has a physical address mentioned on the site but it is not located.

Based on the above information, this website seems to be dubious. So need proper research before buying products one shall research to know Is Fetid usa Legit.

What is

Fetidusa is a United States based e-commerce website that deals with Insulation bags for new mothers to carry baby food and drinks. The website claims that products are perfectly designed and tested before launching. It will help the new mothers keep the baby’s food hot and fresh for a long time. So they don’t need to prepare food more frequently. While researching, we realized that they also provide discount to the residents of United States and provide 24*7 customer support.

Specifications of Fetid usa:

  • Portal type: this website offers insulted bags for a new mother to carry baby’s food and the topic flash light on Is Fetid usa Legit.
  • Website Link: the website can be visited via
  • Address: the physical address of the website is” 2444 N. Palm Ave, Rialto, CA 92377, United States”.
  • Email Address: the email is
  • Contact Number: (657) 279-0477
  • Delivery Policy: they deliver within 5-15 business days.
  • Return and Exchange: The products can be returned within ten days from the date of delivery.
  • Refund: we have found that refund is available; they provide a refund within 1-7 working days as per our research for the article Is Fetid usa Legit.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal


  • The website provides insulated bags for new mothers to keep their baby’s food hot and fresh. They have a return and exchange policy.
  • They deliver the product to your doorstep.
  • They give a discount to Fetidusa members’.


  • The website has very few variety of bags.
  • They offer only one product.
  • There is only one payment mode available which is PayPal.
  • While researching for the article to find legitimacy, we also found that they will not refund your shipping cost if you return a product.

Customer Fetid Usa Reviews:

Customer reviews on any product are the key point to know the quality and authenticity of the product. While researching, we found that there is no review available anywhere on the internet. That creates doubt about the legitimacy of the website. 

There is no review available on the products of the website. And there are so many scams are happening with the customer through shopping websites. And this website also looks similar to scam websites.

Final verdict

Now we have come to the final verdict to get a straight and single view of the website’s legitimacy and in search of answer to Is Fetid usa Legit

The website is suspicious because it has no presence on social media, no customer reviews, along with low trust score, no reviews. The website is very young. So we advise you to go into deep research before buying any product from this site. 

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4 thoughts on “Is Fetid usa Legit {May 2021} Read The Genuine Reviews!

  1. They are advertising 65″ smart tv fir $99.65 with free shipping. Sounds a little diffrent than lunch bags

  2. I had the same problem with this website. Company was listed as being in San Diego, California. Website had a US phone number and a customer support website. Everything is fake. I took screen shots of my order just in case, which turned out to be a good idea since no confirmation came from the website if the order that I placed. That was the first clue that something wasn’t right. Thank God I placed the order thru PayPal. Another instinct that was on point. When I checked PayPal, I got a tracking number that showed the item was being shipped from China, not from USA. Here’s a kicker though, the recipients address (that’s me) is in completely different city and state. At first, I thought it was a simple mistake so I emailed to their costumer service website. The email came back as undeliverable. So I made 3 attempts to call them. I couldn’t get thru first few times, then I called again several times in a span of 2 weeks at left 2 voice messages. Again, no response.
    I waited until the tracking number listed the item as delivered to open the dispute. The tracking # which the seller provided to PayPal listed the item shipped thru China post and delivery address which didn’t match mine on any way. After uploading screenshots of everything I have I waited for PayPal to resolve the issue. After 3 weeks of waiting, I still see the dispute under review. I submitted more evidence and waited some more. Finally, I got tired of waiting and called PayPal. They said that the seller answered in the last minute and provided a completely different tracking # thru USPS, showing that the item was delivered. The bottom line, nothing was delivered. The website is a scam. They post eye catching deals designed to lure you in and then send bogus tracking numbers, but no product. Buyers beware.

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