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Gaming Tips Weddle Nfl Guessing Game

This article provides information about the new guessing game i.e. Weddle Nfl Guessing Game and tells you about its facts and methods to play and win.

Do you know that there’s a new guessing game active online which focuses on the NFL players? Are you looking for more information about the Weddle game before you start playing it? Well, Weddle stronghold its position on the internet with its new concept. 

This article will discuss the Weddle Nfl Guessing Game and tell you the people’s reactions from the United States, Canada, and other countries. So, let’s find out.

What is Weddle?

Weddle follows the concept of wordle game, but the only difference is that in Weddle, the players have to guess the name of the famous NFL player. The player has to guess the player’s name in eight guesses, and every day, there’s a new challenge that excites the users. 

When you guess the player’s name right, the website gives you an option of sharing your result online or with your friends to make a friendly competition. If you are an NFL football fan, this game is perfect. 

Who is the inspiration behind Weddle Nfl Player Guessing Game?

According to the reports and observations were done by our research team, it is believed that the developers and creators made the Weddle game to respect American footballer Eric Weddle. The footballer is the head coach of Rancho Bernardo High School. 

Weddle is inspired by the game called Wordle, which is popular among many countries. Therefore, if you have played Wordle before, it will be easy to understand the game’s rules. 

However, if you are not aware of the Wordle game, here are the methods to play. 

How to play the Weddle Nfl Guessing Game?

  • First, go to the official website of the Weddle game, i.e., 
  • You will find the answer box, and when you click on the box, you will find the different players’ names.
  • After selecting them, you will see the details of the player.
  • If the color is yellow, then you have guessed the correct conference.
  • If the color is green, you guessed the correct answer in the same column.
  • You will get closer to your answer if all the columns get green. 
  • After 8 attempts, if you cannot guess, the website will give you the answer. 

What is the answer to today’s Weddle game?

In today’s Weddle Nfl Player Guessing Game, the correct answer is T.J. Hockenson. However, the player’s name changes every day, and you have to guess it accordingly. 

To get the answer, you can check out the players’ stats in another tab and see which player comes in the category, which gets green after guess.

Wrapping it up

We can conclude from the above information that Weddle is gaining momentum as more NFL fans are looking forward to trying this game and guessing the name correctly in limited attempts. You can try the Weddle game anytime as it is free and available 24 X 7.

Have you guessed the name right in today’s Weddle Nfl Guessing Game? Share your answers with us in the comment section.

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