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Latest News 12 Year Old School Boy Loses His Life In Carabayllo

12 Year Old School Boy Loses His Life In Carabayllo, a 12-year-old schoolboy loses his life in Carabayllo after being hit by a public transport bus.

Introduction to the Incident and Location of the Event: A 12-year-old student lost his life after being hit by a bus in Carabayllo

The terrible incident took place in the 12 Year Old School Boy Loses His Life In Carabayllo, in which a young 12-year-old student tragically lost his life. The event occurred as a result of a traffic accident in which a bus hit the student while crossing the road. This tragedy has shocked the community and raised a number of questions about road safety in the area.

The accident occurred on [date] at [time] in [specific location] in Carabayllo, a town located in [additional geographic information]. This tragic incident has left a deep mark on the community and has raised a series of questions about safety measures on the roads and the responsibility of those in charge of road safety in the area.

Details of the Accident Child run over in Carabayllo

In this section, we will delve into the details of the accident that resulted in the tragedy of the 12 Year Old School Boy Loses His Life In Carabayllo. We will explain how the incident occurred, including the possible causes and events that led to the collision, as well as the consequences of the accident, including the situation of the young student and the time it took for him to receive medical attention.

The incident took place at a crucial time in the student’s life. As he approached his school, crossing a busy highway, an El Rápido bus unexpectedly hit him. The exact details of how the collision occurred are still under investigation, but eyewitnesses suggest that the bus may have been traveling at excessive speed or that the student may not have had adequate visibility to cross safely.

Statement from the Educational Institution video of the child on the Carabayllo bus

In this section, we will share the official statement issued by the educational institution, in this case, San Rafael School, in response to the tragic loss of the 12-year-old student. This statement reflects the school’s sensitivity towards the situation and thanks the deceased student for his time at the institution.

Colegio San Rafael, deeply shocked by the tragic event that has left our educational community in mourning, wishes to express its most sincere regret and condolences to the family of the 12-year-old student who lost his life in this tragic accident.

Responsibility of the Transport Company, child dies after being run over in Carabayllo

In this section, the liability of the transportation company, in this case, El Rápido, in relation to the accident will be discussed. It will address how the company should assume its share of responsibility and the demands of parents and the community in this regard.

The accident in which the 12-year-old student lost his life has shed light on the responsibility of the public transport company, El Rápido, in this tragic incident. The educational community and parents demand that the company assume its responsibility and take appropriate measures to prevent future similar incidents.

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