More on those controversial AIDS-awareness ads


Yesterday I wrote about Uwe Duettmann’s AIDS-awareness campaign featuring Hitler, Hussein, and Stalin. To put those ads into some context, I here are some examples of other socially minded campaigns from recent years. Some are more successful than others, but they all take the same approach: trying to illustrate the very real and awful consequences of bad decision-making.

These were shot by Alain Desjean for Bleublancrouge in Montréal.




Last year, the Montana Meth Project launched an outdoor campaign, created by Venables & Partners, San Francisco, that caused a stir. Especially this billboard, which parents successfully lobbied to have removed. (PDN did a story about it.)



Sometimes a concept goes awry and you wind up with images that are, unfortuantely, comical. As with these, which a writer for AdWeek‘s AdFreak blog correctly described as being like something Evil Dead campy-horror hero Bruce Campbell could have starred in. Yikes. These are by Saatchi Singapore.


I distinctly remember seeing these ads, warning about hepatitis C, around New York. A successful marriage of cogent copy and a strong image, I think.


Finally, here’s another look at Uwe’s AIDS-awareness ads.



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