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Brinson+Banks in Italy: a love story

Wife-and-husband photo duo Brinson+Banks recently traveled to the voluptuous Italian Riviera, and they captured the experience in all its wish-you-were-here glory. Below, some highlights… “Back when we were Atlantans, I introduced a new friend of mine (a beautiful talented painter named Raven) to an old friend named Thomas (my seventh-grade boyfriend for all of a […]

Michael Muller photographs “Ballers” star Dwayne Johnson sitting in a tub of ice for the HBO series’ season-two key art

Who knew Dwayne Johnson was a Method actor? For the key-art shoot for season two of his hit HBO series, the Ballers star submerged his lower half in a tub of real ice while Michael Muller photographed him. No pain, no gain indeed. Scroll down or click here to watch a behind-the-scenes video of the […]

Steven Lippman photographs Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian for ESPN The Magazine’s 2016 Body Issue

In addition to photographing pro surfer Courtney Conlogue in Tahiti for ESPN The Magazine‘s 2016 Body Issue, Steven Lippman also shot Nathan Adrian—a three-time Olympic gold medalist—stateside in a swimming pool. Scroll down to see his gorgeous portraits. And view a behind-the-scenes gallery here.    

Art Streiber photographs Steven Spielberg for Entertainment Weekly

Art Streiber photographed Steven Spielberg for a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring a tour of the Universal Studios back lot with the legendary director. “I have photographed him more than a dozen times over the last 17 years,” notes Art. “When Spielberg walked onto the set, I handed him the camera and told him […]

Brinson+Banks photograph “Ray Donovan” star Pooch Hall for Spirit & Flesh magazine

For the new issue of Spirit & Flesh magazine, Brinson+Banks photographed Pooch Hall, who plays Daryll on the Showtime original series Ray Donovan, at Unici Casa, an event space in Culver City, California. “The space was colorful and dark and moody, and that environment was really fun for us to play in,” the photo duo […]

Seriously silly: Brinson+Banks on photographing the stars of “Ghostbusters” for The New York Times

“We’ve been on an accidental personal comedy tour, photographing lots of comedians the past half year, from Conan O’Brien to Chelsea Handler, Key & Peele, and Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, and we’ve loved it,” note Brinson+Banks. “So naturally, we were super excited when the New York Times asked us to photograph Kristen Wiig, Melissa […]

Steven Lippman on photographing pro surfer Courtney Conlogue in Tahiti for ESPN The Magazine’s 2016 Body Issue

For its 2016 Body Issue, ESPN The Magazine sent Steven Lippman to Tahiti to photograph pro surfer Courtney Conlogue in the nude amid the sparkling waters and dramatic skies of the lush island. “Shooting Courtney in Tahiti was about as amazing as it could get. The beautiful landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and powerful surf were a […]

Art Streiber on photographing Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown in uniform for the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s Fantasy Football issue—and in the nude for the 2016 Body Issue

“Our shoot with Antonio Brown was fast and furious,” says Art Streiber of his recent dual assigmment for ESPN The Magazine. “Our first order of business was to photograph him for the Fantasy Football cover of the magazine and then…ask him to take off his uniform and flex for the Body Issue. Antonio is in excellent […]

Brinson+Banks head to Arizona to shoot a dusty, gritty adventure featuring dirt bikes, shiny new Toyota Tacoma trucks, and a high-diving “bunny”

For a recent social media campaign for the Toyota Tacoma, Saatchi & Saatchi enlisted Brinson+Banks for a lifestyle shoot in Hualapai Mountain Country Park in  Mohave County, Arizona. “Our objective was to take photos that felt real and gritty,” explains Kendrick Brinson. “Our solution was to tackle this project by falling back on our roots […]

Art Streiber photographs Netflix’s newest star, Miranda Sings, for the cover of Variety

Colleen Ballinger made herself into a YouTube sensation known as Miranda Sings, earned the admiration of none other than Jerry Seinfeld, and landed her own show on Netflix: Haters, Back Off, which premieres this fall. Art Streiber photographed her for the cover of Variety‘s June No. 3 issue. Read the article here: “Miranda Sings Leads […]


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