Fulvio Bonavia shoots fashion still lifes for Vogue Accessory inspired by upcoming cultural events throughout the world

The theme of Vogue Accessory’s fabulous winter issue is cultural events taking place throughout the world over the first four months of the year—everything from art exhibitions in Paris, New York, and DC, to an ice festival in China and a lace festival in Slovenia. The magazine commissioned Fulvio Bonavia, a master at interpreting high […]

Pop-up books are the inspiration for Fulvio Bonavia’s recent fashion still-life shoot for Vanity Fair Italy

Fulvio Bonavia named the winner in the Fine Art category of the 2016 Lucie Awards

Congratulations to Fulvio Bonavia for winning the Fine Art category of the 14th annual Lucie Awards, an honor bestowed upon him for his lovely personal project “Flora.” Fulvio was also a finalist for the esteemed Photographer of the Year prize. Well done, Fulvio! See more of “Flora” here.    

Fulvio Bonavia shoots campaign for Lavazza’s cute coffee maker the Jolie

Fulvio Bonavia’s new accessories shoot for Vanity Fair Italy plays high against low, presenting exclusive bags by designers like Gucci and Chanel as if they were mass-produced items you’d find at your local dollar store

Fulvio Bonavia’s summer campaign for Italian recycling organization Corepla brings back warm memories

Fulvio Bonavia’s inventive new shoot for the autumn issue of Vogue Accessory draws on American pop culture, from movies like “Harry Potter” and “Godzilla” to fast-food chains like McDonald’s

Fulvio Bonavia creates elegant conceptual images based on flowers for a new campaign for Foxy toilet tissue

Fulvio Bonavia’s entrancing new personal project, “Flora,” inspires a video commission for Vogue Accessory

Fulvio Bonavia was recently working on his archive when he came across some liquid shots he had made as plates for a Rado campaign, and an idea came to him. “I found that some of the shapes reminded me of flower petals,” he explains. “So I decided to shoot some new liquid colors underwater.” He […]

Video: Fulvio Bonavia combines CGI and photography to take Pirelli’s worldwide campaign to the next level

  Watch a time-lapse movie of the making of the ad below.