Volkswagen commissions Jan Steinhilber for the launch of its Crafter cargo van

  credits agency: Grabarz & Partner creative director: Katharina Riggert art director: Sarah Fröhlich art buyer: Garnet Lange retouching/CGI: Zerone  

Jan Steinhilber shoots campaign for the Renault Megane

  credits agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris art director: Yoann Simon, Arnaud Jolivel art buyer: Marion Venot retoucher: La Souris sur le Gateau

Jan Steinhilber shoots the launch campaign and catalog for Audi’s top SUV model, the SQ7

  credits agency: Philipp und Keuntje art director: Bastian Adam CGI architect: Cornelius Steffan retoucher: Zerone  

Jan Steinhilber photographs the sporty 308GTI for Peugeot

  credits agency: BETC art director: Ludovic Labayade art buying: Christine Lefers production company: Cream retoucher: La Souris sur le Gateau  

Jan Steinhilber photographs Volkswagen’s Multivan Business edition

  credits client : Volkswagen Utility Vehicles agency: Grabarz und Partner creative director: Katharina Wlodasch art buying: Garnet Lange  

Jan Steinhilber photographs campaign for Audi CarCheck

credits client Audi AG agency: Philipp und Keuntje art director: Bastian Adam art buying: Karen Schwarzer production company: Local Hero retoucher: Zerone  

Jan Steinhilber shoots Peugeot 308 GTI catalog

credits agency: This Is BD art director: Nicolas Piergallini pProduction company: Cream retoucher: Continental  

Jan Steinhilber photographs the Porsche 911 Black Edition

  credits agency: Kemper Kommunikation art buying: Doreen Buechin art direction: Tim Bruchmueller

Jan Steinhilber shoots the Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS sports coupe in action

  Shot in Spain with Local Hero Productions, Frankfurt/Barcelona. agency: Kemper Kommunikation creative director: Patrick Falter art buyer: Doreen Büchin

Jan Steinhilber photographs the print campaign and catalog for the new Peugeot 308 GT

    print campaign credits agency: BETC, Paris art director: Ludovic Labayade art buyer: Christine Lefers production company: Continental Productions, Paris retoucher: La Souris sur le Gateau catalog credits agency: This Is BD, London art directors: Andy Thirsk, Nicolas Piergallini production company: Continental Productions