Nigel Cox’s new personal project celebrates the birth of Brooklyn bike shop and cafe Maglia Rosa

Brooklyn bike shop and cafe Maglia Rosa, whose name is a nod to the signature pink jersey worn in the famed Italian bike race Giro D’Italia, is the inspiration for a new photo series by Nigel Cox. Nigel—who is himself an avid cyclist—photographed the construction of the shop, the people of Maglia Rosa, and the […]

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Nigel Cox expands on his snowy series “Drift” in 36-image portfolio

View the complete portfolio here.  

Nigel Cox photographs fine jewelry in blue and green by Bulgari, Chanel, Hermés, and others—and a playful platform shoe by designer Marc Jacobs—for Surface magazine

American Airlines commissions Nigel Cox to shoot crisp still lifes of its stylish new uniforms

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