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Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: fur-ever friends

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Nigel Cox expands on his snowy series “Drift” in 36-image portfolio

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Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: today’s highlights

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Brinson+Banks photograph designer and illustrator Laina Miller for their ongoing series, “LA Woman”

“When we say our LA Woman project is about creative women, it is to the power of 10 with this one,” says Brinson+Banks. “This is what Laina Miller of Happenings Co. does, y’know, just for fun: textile design (from hand-painted prints to hook + latch rugs) and illustration (she’s done two lifestyle and activity books, […]

Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: today’s highlights

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Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: recent highlights from her candid photo series on her kids, Violet and Rockwell

It’s been almost seven years to the day—February 26 is the exact anniversary—since Melanie Acevedo launched the photo project that has become “Another 52 Weeks.” What began as a means of holding on to cherished moments in her children Violet and Rockwell‘s lives by way of photography has blossomed into a remarkable visual narrative of […]

Brinson+Banks photograph actress/pianist/poet Kate Adams for their ongoing series, “LA Woman”

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“Farmer’s Market,” a new portrait series by Art Streiber

In the past year, Art Streiber has been exploring portraiture via various subjects that are of personal interest, from high school prom-goers to dogs and their owners. His latest shoot, which he discusses below, focused on Los Angeles farmer’s markets.     “In our foodie/farm-to-table culture, shopping at big-city farmer’s markets has practically become a […]

Brinson+Banks feature producer/director/magician Bethany Mollenkof in their ongoing “LA Woman” portrait series

“Bethany is a producer and director and magician who loves stories and makes short documentaries. She’s also a champ at cooking big meals for people, vintage collecting, and double-exposure photography,” explain Brinson+Banks of Bethany Mollenkof, the latest subject in their ongoing “LA Woman” portrait series focusing on creative women in the City of Angels. “We […]

Doug Menuez, whose advertising clients count on him to capture authentic-feeling moments in produced shoots, on the magic of street photography

In the advertising world, Doug Menuez is known for his ability to create images that feel spontaneous and like real life, even though they’re actually the result of produced shoots involving creative briefs, casting, location scouting, and all other trappings of a campaign. His skills come not just from his notable history as a documentary […]