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With their photo series “LA Woman,” Brinson+Banks take us into the homes of creative people—from musicians to stylists—based in the City of Angels

Dogs and their owners: a new portrait series by Art Streiber

For his latest personal portrait series, Art Streiber ventured into fur-tile territory: dogs and their owners. “Dogs fascinate me,” he says. “I am intrigued by how we anthropomorphize dogs, attributing all kinds of emotions and personality traits to our pets: ‘He’s just shy.’ ‘She loves people.’ ‘He hates the cold weather.’ And, of course, I’m […]

California dreaming: Brinson+Banks on their #WestCoastExplorersClub

In honor of the lovely long weekend that lies ahead, here’s a series of photos from a personal project by Brinson+Banks that celebrates hitting the road and having fun. Southern transplants Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks fell in love with California from the day they moved there two and a half years ago. They’ve […]

Fulvio Bonavia’s entrancing new personal project, “Flora,” inspires a video commission for Vogue Accessory

Fulvio Bonavia was recently working on his archive when he came across some liquid shots he had made as plates for a Rado campaign, and an idea came to him. “I found that some of the shapes reminded me of flower petals,” he explains. “So I decided to shoot some new liquid colors underwater.” He […]

A day at the Santa Monica Pier: a photo story by Brinson+Banks featuring twin sisters Amiyah and Madison McGraw of LA Models

Brinson+Banks in Italy: a love story

Wife-and-husband photo duo Brinson+Banks recently traveled to the voluptuous Italian Riviera, and they captured the experience in all its wish-you-were-here glory. Below, some highlights… “Back when we were Atlantans, I introduced a new friend of mine (a beautiful talented painter named Raven) to an old friend named Thomas (my seventh-grade boyfriend for all of a […]

Los Angeles prom-goers are the focus of portrait photographer Art Streiber’s new personal project

To kick off a new series of personal portrait projects, Art Streiber recently photographed a group of Los Angeles teens dressed up for prom. “Going to the prom in 2016 has changed in so many ways since I went to the prom in the early 1980s,” observes Art, “and yet, many aspects are exactly the […]

A look inside Walter Iooss’ handmade “Diaries”

For 30 years, Walter Iooss has made books that contain photos, news clippings, paint, and handwritten text. They’re like mixed-media journals or, as he calls them, “Diaries.” “The pages not only reflect what, where, and who I shot,” he explains, “but also who and what is happening in the world during that time.” Below, some […]

“Fathers & Sons”: a new photo series by Jeff Lipsky

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re proud to present “Fathers & Sons,” a new photo series by portrait, entertainment, and lifestyle photographer Jeff Lipsky. The series was inspired by an assignment for Outside magazine, which commissioned Jeff to photograph bestselling author and surfing enthusiast Norman Ollestad and his son, Noah. “While I was in the […]

Brinson+Banks: Antelope Valley poppy fields

“When you’re married to your business partner, it can be hard to carve out personal time,” notes Kendrick Brinson of LA-based photo duo Brinson+Banks, “but one Saturday we both needed an adventure to spark some creativity and went searching for the Antelope Valley poppy fields. We found some flower fields before we even reached our […]