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At the Spring Hackathon in New York this month, college students competed in a high-pressure 24-hour coding spree. Doug Menuez, who was there to document the next generation of fearless geniuses, takes us behind the scenes

What’s the tech counterpart to marathons and triathlons? Hackathons. And earlier this month, New York University was host to a big one organized by hackNY, a nonprofit organization whose stated aim is “to federate the next generation of hackers for the New York innovation community.” The Spring Hackathon—there’s also one in the fall—drew hundreds of […]

Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: Where’s Rocky?

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Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: “Thanks for nothing”

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Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: bath time

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Brinson+Banks photograph dancer Reshma Gajjar for their ongoing “LA Woman” portrait series

If you’ve seen the Oscar-winning movie La La Land, you’ve seen Reshma Gajjar—she sings the first notes of the sunny opening number that takes place on a traffic-jammed freeway. Gajjar, who the photo duo met through fellow “LA Woman” Becki Chernoff, is a dancer whose credits include touring with Madonna. Below, highlights from her “LA […]

Nigel Cox’s new personal project celebrates the birth of Brooklyn bike shop and cafe Maglia Rosa

Brooklyn bike shop and cafe Maglia Rosa, whose name is a nod to the signature pink jersey worn in the famed Italian bike race Giro D’Italia, is the inspiration for a new photo series by Nigel Cox. Nigel—who is himself an avid cyclist—photographed the construction of the shop, the people of Maglia Rosa, and the […]

Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: Rockwell

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Presenting “Cowboys,” a new personal project by Miller Mobley

Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: tween

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Lauren Greenfield’s “Generation Wealth,” a visual history of the growing obsession with wealth, to open April 8 at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles

  Award-winning photographer and director Lauren Greenfield, whom Time magazine has called “one of the most acclaimed chroniclers of youth culture and the affluent,” is the subject of a new monograph published by Phaidon and a major exhibition at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles that runs April 8 to August 13. “Generation […]