Matthew Rolston’s short-form documentary “ART PEOPLE: The Pageant Portraits” debuts as exclusive content on W Magazine’s site

We’re thrilled to announce the debut of Matthew Rolston’s ART PEOPLE: The Pageant Portraits, a new short-forum documentary airing exclusively on W magazine’s website.

This engaging video explores the annual Pageant of the Masters arts festival in Laguna Beach, California. In the event, which has earned fans around the world, participants are costumed to look like key figures from famous works of art and take the stage to enact those masterpieces. It’s a slightly surreal experience, one that made a lasting impression on Rolston, who grew up attending the pageant.

The video ART PEOPLE: The Pageant Portraits includes an interview with Rolston, as well as the many artists, models, and staff behind the scenes of the festival. In other words: The documentary is art about art about art.

“It’s all a fun house mirror that keeps reflecting on humanity’s fervent need to create,” Rolston notes.

To watch the video, please click here or on the image below.


Click to watch.

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