Walter Iooss on “Changing the Game”

From the Annenberg's online gallery of images from "Sport: Iooss and Leifer."

Walter has written about his exhibition at the Annenberg for The Huffington Post. Well, I think he wrote it, though he might have just said the words and someone else wrote it all down. It’s hard to tell, since at the end of the piece, it says the text was “dictated” at the museum…

But the point, my friends, and I promise I do have one, is that you can now get Walter’s take on “Sport: Iooss and Leifer”—which has been written about by others all over the place since it opened on November 13. Here’s an excerpt from “Walter Iooss: Changing the Game”:

“Sport is such a gigantic part of the fabric of this country. I think 70 percent of everyone born in this country have played some kind of sport and loved it. It’s so beautiful to be emotionally involved in something you can escape to. Sport is an escape. You can follow these exceptional athletes and watch them move and accomplish things that are just superhuman – under extreme pressure – and it ends up being incredible whether they win or lose. We all follow teams and athletes, follow their achievements, and when they are hurt, sick… we follow them because to us they’re special.” —Walter Iooss

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    Maureen, Walter, one of the sad things about leaving New York was that I missed a continuity of work with you both, I still have the memories though, hope you are still surfing, cheers, R.

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