22 motion, advertising, and editorial highlights

You know how magazine covers always tout the number of good things contained inside? “85 Uses for Your Gardening Hose.” “Rock-Hard Abs in Only 3,427 Steps.” “0 Reasons to Like Sen. Joe Lieberman.”

Well, we’ve taken a similar (but more serious) approach with our 2009 Winter E-Newsletter. If you’re on our mailing list, you received it yesterday and already know that it features 22 motion, advertising, and editorial highlights that run the gamut from Gardasil to the Jacksons, Samsung, Ford, Playboy, Kate Spade, and Beef magazine. Yes, there’s a magazine dedicated to beef!

Not on the mailing list? Not to worry. I’ve re-created the newsletter here. Click on any one of these images to reach the complete, fully interactive version, or just click here.


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