Art Streiber on photographing Patti Hansen and daughters for Town & Country

Patti Hansen and her daughters, as photographed by Art Streiber for Town & Country, December 2011 issue.


Patti Hansen—the former Wilhemina model and, for the past 28 years, the wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards—is the subject of Town & Country‘s December cover story. Titled “The Rock of the Family,” the piece centers on Hansen’s dedication to her family, which includes two daughters with Richards: Alexandra and Theodora, both of whom have followed in their mom’s footsteps as models. The magazine commissioned Art Streiber to photograph the three women at the shore in Southern California (since they live in Hermosa Beach), and Art was looking forward to capturing what he calls an East Coast, wintery feeling at the beach. But a different matriarch—Mother Nature—didn’t want to play nice. Here’s Art on the shoot:


Photo by Art Streiber for Town & Country.


I’m very proud to be associated with the December issue of Town & Country, which is in the midst of a redesign and rebranding by Editor in Chief Jay Fielden, Creative Director Alexandra Kotur, Design Director Ed Leida, and Director of Photography Lesley Williams. Town & Country is 165 years old, making it the oldest fashion/lifestyle magazine in the country.

The shoot with Patti Hansen took place at Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles, just south of Marina Del Rey, and right under the flight path for planes taking off from LAX.

We were attempting to capture an east-coast, wintery feeling at the beach and up until our shoot day, the weather had been cooperating…it had been overcast and grey (which is called “June Gloom” in Southern California).

But on the day of our shoot the sun was out, shining way too brightly for the mood we wanted…so we waited and waited and waited for the fog to roll in, which it finally did around 5pm, leaving us just two hours of daylight to get all of the imagery we needed.


Photo at right by Art Streiber for Town & Country.

Photos by Art Streiber for Town & Country.

Photos by Art Streiber for Town & Country.


Patti is a remarkable pro, as are her daughters, and they all made their clothing changes very quickly so that we were able to use every last minute of daylight.  

The art direction came from Town & Country Design Director Ed Leida, who was inspirational. Jade Hobson was the Fashion Editor on the job and brought an incredible selection of clothes for Patti and her daughters.

And the shoot was saved by my set designer, Lena Kuffner, who was able to track down a wooden storm fence on the morning of the shoot and give the imagery a look of east-coast authenticity!





  1. Lisa Kunst
    Posted 11/30/2011 at 11:04 am | Permalink

    Thanks for sharing. Patti and her daughters are beautiful!

  2. Ben
    Posted 11/30/2011 at 2:43 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for sharing, Art! Love your work.

  3. Cowboy
    Posted 12/03/2011 at 12:28 pm | Permalink

    Art is the most wonderful person and photographer I have ever been around. love his work

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