New portraits by Matthias Clamer: David Cross, Sandra Lee, Mick Fleetwood, and Chris Elliott

Matthias Clamer has had a flurry of new portrait assignments recently: comedian David Cross, Food Network star Sandra Lee, rock icon Mick Fleetwood, and comedian Chris Elliott. Here’s a look. To see more, visit Matthias’ blog.


Mick Fleetwood. Photo by Matthias Clamer. "I had great fun spending a day with Mick Fleetwood at one of his houses on Maui, high up on the slopes of the volcano," says Matthias.

Sandra Lee. Photo by Matthias Clamer.

Matthias Clamer photographed Chris Elliott for the cover of the comedian's upcoming book, to be published by Penguin.

David Cross. Photo by Matthias Clamer.



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